Bicycle Safety




About 85 million adults and children ride their bikes every year. For children and teens, the bicycle is a primary means of transportation. Every morning an estimated half million people bike to work in the United States. Each year, more than 500,000 bicyclists of all ages sustain a cycling injury that requires emergency department care. Of the approximately 800 bicyclists killed annually, about 750 are killed in traffic crashes. More than half of the bicyclists riding in or near traffic report feeling unsafe."

National Strategies for Advancing Bicycle Safety - A Call to Action


Bicycle Safety Lesson
Using graphics and animations, this self-paced learning series explores many of the issues concerning the safe operation of bicycles.


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Maine Motor Vehicle Law - Bicycles
This section of Maine Law provides the Basic Rules of the Road for Bicycles

Bicycle Coalition of Maine
This website introduces the viewer to the Bicycle Coalition of Maine, the statewide voice for bicyclists. Included within the site is a 2002 BikeMaine Event Calendar, a special area for Kids, and information on a host of issues facing bicyclists in Maine.


NBSN - National Bicycle Safety Network
A coalition of public and private organizations and agencies working together to increase safe bicycle use. This includes reducing the incidence of traumatic brain injuries from bicycle use, promoting safe cycling as a viable transportation alternative, and preventing injuries to sites other than the head.

Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute
Need to know more about bicycle safety helmets? This is the place.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center
Funded by the U.S. Department of Transportation and managed by the University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center, the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center offers technical assistance to communities about a broad range of bicycle and pedestrian safety issues.

Florida DOT Bicycle Safety Brochures
Several printable, informational brochures concerning a host of bicycle safety and other matters.