Community Policing




Over the last decade most police agencies across the United States have made some effort to implement community policing as a strategy to address crime and fear in their jurisdiction. As with any new approach, implementation methods have varied as agencies developed their own perspective and meaning of community policing.



Community Policing
Using graphics and a story-telling style, this self-paced learning series explores many of the issues concerning the basic concept of community policing. Topics include Definitions, Core Ideas, Problem Solving, Police Role, Community Role, and others.


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Maine Institute for Public Safety Innovation
The Maine Institute for Public Safety Innovation is a division of The University of Maine at Augusta. Its mission is to deliver education, training and technical assistance on the Community Oriented philosophy, components, and strategies. MIPSI is a central resource for neighborhoods, communities, and law enforcement agencies.


Community Policing Consortium
The Community Policing Consortium is a partnership of five of the leading police organizations in the United States. These five organizations play a principal role in the development of community policing research, training and technical assistance, and each is firmly committed to the advancement of this policing philosophy. (Note: Interact with the graphic for more information).

Institute for Public Safety Partnerships
This site provides a multi-media presentation. The Legacy of Community Policing explores the history, theories, operational challenges, and early evaluations of community policing in the United States.

By viewing this series of lectures and discussions in your home, office, civic center, or classroom, you will hear from some of the people who helped develop the basic ideas of modern community policing… in their own words.

The Legacy of Community Policing presentations were videotaped by the University of Illinois at Chicago during 1998.

Department of Justice – Office of Community Oriented Policing
Federal agency that has provided billions of dollars for Community Policing implementation.