Underage Drinking/Driving




Underaged drinking and driving represents a problem that Maine law enforcement agencies have joined together to address.

Nationally, more than one-third of all deaths for people 15 to 20, result from motor vehicle crashes. In 1999, more than one-third of these motor vehicle fatalities involved alcohol.

The greatest number of youth motor vehicle fatalities occur in July and August. Nearly 70 percent of youth motor vehicle fatalities occurred in rural areas. For every 100,000 licensed drivers, young drinking drivers are involved in fatal crashes at approximately twice the rate of drivers aged 21 and older.


Underage Drinking and Driving
Using graphics and animations, this self-paced learning series offers insight into the social problem of underage drinking and driving.


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Maine Bureau of Highway Safety
State agency responsible for coordinating a host of traffic safety programs, including reducing impaired driving within Maine.

Report - Maine Underage Drinking Task Force
October, 2000 (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Maine Office of Substance Abuse
The state agency primarily responsible for alcohol and drug abuse reduction. This website contains a description of prevention and treatment resources available for Maine residents, along with a host of other informational items.


2002 Traffic Safety Alcohol Facts
A Public Information Fact Sheet on Motor Vehicle and Traffic Safety.

What's Driving You?
An interactive, thought-provoking, educational experience for young adults who are concerned about drinking and driving. Role play at a Virtual Party.

The HadEnough project is a media and advocacy campaign focused on supporting student involvement to reduce binge drinking on college campuses.