Baby Hacks On Tik Tok That Millennial Parents Love

Bringing home your first baby is a daunting experience. You don’t know what you’re doing and it can be an overwhelming first year or so. As millennials and Gen Z become parents and start raising the next generation, young moms have taken to TikTok to share their best parenting hacks to make momming just a bit easier.

These baby and parenting hacks will make your life less stressful. Once you become a mom, making things easier will be your new favorite thing…and that cute baby of course! These parenting hacks on TikTok are a must-see so keep reading to see what you need to know.

Get Your Baby to Nap Hack

Via TikTok/SleepyMama

As a new mom, you will learn very quickly that getting your baby to sleep is very important and can be surprisingly difficult. A cranky baby is no good and neither is an exhausted mom. Getting a new baby to sleep can be tricky and this hack is worth a try if your baby is having some trouble. The rocking motion, seeing mom’s face and a comforting hand on the belly makes this hack worth trying.

Baby Proofing Hack

Once that baby of yours becomes mobile all bets are off. This baby hack will save you money and your sanity. Using disposable wipe covers instead of actually outlet plugs is a genius hack because you can still use the plug. Taking out outlet plugs is a pain and then they can get lost. Or even worst, you step on it. Try this instead for plugs you use often.

Tummy Time Hack

Tummy time for young babies is absolutely vital to gain strength. But some babies absolutely hate it. These tips will make it much easier and enjoyable for your baby. Use a nursing pillow for extra support, hold the baby on your chest and make funny faces, or even place a flashy toy in front of them for motivation.

Giving Medicine Hack

Sadly it will happen and your baby will need medicine one day. Pro tip: babies and toddlers hate taking their medicine. You need to get creative or you can be looking at an all-day battle. This hack has you sneaking medicine into an empty juice box. When they’re young enough, they won’t even know the difference because kid medicine is flavored.

A Watermelon Snack Hack

Babies are very messy. We hope you knew that before embarking on this parenting journey. When your baby starts eating solid food, you want it to be healthy. Watermelon is a great snack and fruit to give to kids. It’s so sweet and juicy, most love it. What moms don’t like is how that juice gets everywhere.

This parenting hack is a must once your baby gets old enough for solid food. Slice it thin, put a chopstick in the end and freeze it to make a watermelon popsicle. It cuts down on mess and it’s fun for kids.

Mornings Can Be a Breeze

Morning in most homes with babies and little kids is hectic. Make life a lot easier on yourself with this parenting hack by picking out outfits for your baby and folding them together every week. This will be a total time saver and a must if you’re running out every morning with your baby.

Nursing Pillow Hack

Nursing pillows are for breastfeeding but this mom found a new use for them. By taking a pair of boxers and running the legs through the arms of the nursing pillow, you can safely place a baby who can’t yet sit up, in a sitting position. Babies love to see what’s going on around them so this hack is a must-try!

Getting Things Done Hack

Even before having your first, you of course know babies love to be around their mom. Oftentimes, the mom is the only one who can hold the baby and that is impossible all day long! What to do? Put a baby swing up wherever and in a room you need to be in but can’t hold your baby constantly.

No High Chair No Problem Hack

This hack takes away the need for a high chair or is great in a pinch if you’re at someone’s else. All you need is a sports bra and chair. Wrap the bra over the chair, arm straps down, and wiggle that baby in. Stay close of course but it will help a bit better than holding a squirmy baby while he eats.


Korey Rex