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A Guide for Installing Security Measures on Your Kids’ Devices

In the digital era where everyone is connected to the internet via their devices, we naturally fear for our children and the world they are connecting to....

Building Construction: Types of Doors

We will discuss the types of doors. Doors are a very important factor to any design, so you should know the location, correct location of the doors,...

Are Camera Doorbells Really Secure?

    For decades, people have not thought twice about stepping up to someone's front door and ringing the bell. However, thanks to the advent of surveillance cameras and...

5 Reasons Why Most People Divorce

Divorce is a very sensitive subject because a lot of people don't expect to go through a divorce, when they're at the altar, and they're saying “I...

Toddler-Proof Your Phone: Tips, Tricks, and Recommendations

No matter how much we all love kids, they can be really stubborn at times, especially when it comes to technology and gadgets. According to the founder...
Since we cannot be with our kids all the time, should we rely on technology to get closer to them?

Parenting Tip: At What Age Should Kids Have Cell Phones?

At What Age Should Kids Have Cell Phones? This seems to be a very common question for parents: “when should my kids get a cell phone?” There’s also...
Fire Extinguisher

The Best Fire Extinguishers for Safety at Home or On the Go

House fires are not uncommon and can have life-threatening consequences. Quick action taken with a fire extinguisher will help protect the lives of you and your family,...

Florida homeowner shoots and kills two ‘extremely violent’ burglars and injures another after they...

Two suspects, 21-year-old Luis Casado and 21-year-old Khyle Durham, were killed as they broke into a home near Tampa, Florida A third suspect managed to survive...
smoke detector

Basic Home Safety Supplies Everyone Should Have, According to Experts – SheKnows

When it comes to home safety supplies, many of us feel lost, confused, and straight-up overwhelmed. Sure, we have the fundamentals covered. We have carbon monoxide and smoke...

Safety Protocols for Shifting from Office to Home – Occupational Health & Safety

Although staff no longer must make the commute into the office, safety hazards can and do still exist in the home. Here's your WFH safety checklist. A substantial...

How Does a Home Warranty Work?

A home warranty covers service, repair, or replacement of your major home systems and appliances. It provides a financial buffer in case of a big-ticket item malfunction,...