You can contact EPS by phone or email, but you may want to consider replacing the old landline with a broadband connection. The safety of your loved ones depends on it! Day by day, technology is getting advanced, and these older systems have proved less secure than newer models. A savvy burglar may cut phone lines that would disrupt their connection with the monitoring center! Landlines are an added expense you don’t need when there’s always mobile technology available for your home or business needs – saving money in both installation costs as well as monthly fees.

How Does Cellular Alarm System Communicate with a Monitoring Company?

  1. When an alarm ring and a sensor is triggered, a signal is sent from the triggered device to the alarm panel, and your local alarm will begin to sound.
  2. At the backend, the control panel simultaneously sends a cellular signal to the monitoring center.
  3. The monitoring center properly follows a procedure to inform emergency responders or relevant authorities.

Think about your cell phone—When you send a text message, the “signal” is sent using cellular towers to someone else’s phone. Think of how that works in terms of what they call an IGSM ( Cellular Module). It’s installed on one side of the control panel at a home security company, where a wireless signal will communicate and monitor everything. Hence, monitoring stations know if anything happens or doesn’t happen when it should!

Benefits of Cellular Monitoring

  • Easy installation: For those who are looking for an easy installation, there is no need to run a landline through your home or struggle to find the perfect place among all of that clutter. EPS systems can be installed today with cellular communication built right into them!
  • No phone lines to snip: With the old-fashioned phone lines gone, it’s easy to cut off any surveillance system. An alarm is reported even if an intruder happens to destroy the panel itself – they won’t be able to monitor your situation for long, though, because help will arrive soon enough!
  • Remote Monitoring: Cellular Monitoring makes you able to use EPS Total Connect. 
  • Bundled Cost: You save money with a bundled security system! No more bills for your landline and cellular communication are included in the cost.
  • Speed: The 4G cellular network ensures that your system is sending an alarm signal through a fast and secure connection.

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Dennis Chapman