This article was written to help you guys out if you are going to prom this year or if you are going to prom in the future in a few years. That’s it. So that’s pretty much it. Let’s go ahead and jump into the prompt.

1.Do practice your makeup if you’re having a hard time achieving your desired look, have someone else do it if is a little bit more difficult. But if you’re doing it yourself, definitely do a test run and see how everything works. So you’re not in a panic the day of the prom. 

2. Do remember to bring or wear comfortable shoes. Because after you’ve been dancing or walking around in your heels for at least a couple of hours, your feet are gonna be so sore. And you are going to be so appreciative if you pack comfortable shoes into your dry grab bag. If you’re going to an after-party, you’re going to want to have comfortable shoes. You definitely want to be comfortable after prom and at your after parties and everything. 

3. Don’t worry about what other people think! This is your prom day, you can dress and wear whatever kind of makeup you want. It’s your special day, I mean, other than your wedding and stuff, but totally rock it, do whatever you want. Don’t worry about what others think, because their opinion does not matter when it comes to you and what you want. That’s really important to remember.

We can all get caught up in thinking “oh, what will other people think of us” or just different things along these lines. So if you’re wearing Crocs or if you’re just wearing a really bright dress that is a little bit different from all the others, rock it and just enjoy the day. Don’t worry about other people and their opinions because it doesn’t matter and it doesn’t affect you. 

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4. To make a schedule of the day leading up to prom. That way you can schedule in if you want to exercise in the morning or if you want to paint your nails or whatever appointments you have, or if you have your hair and makeup appointment, but then you also need to be somewhere for pictures and everything.

Just write out a list of times and schedules, that way your brain can be at ease and you know where you need to be at what time and things will just move a lot smoother. And just make sure you’re filling yourself with a lot of good food that’s going to fill you up, rather than like carbs and stuff that are just going to make you bloat your dress. But yeah, just overall, don’t forget to eat, you know. 

5. Do include your parents, whether that’s in the picture-taking process or just your daily things. If your mom has a day off work that day, bring her to go to the hair salon with you. I think that’s really special and really nice. And if your parents are able to accompany you definitely involve them because it’s a really special day for them as well. Don’t neglect your parents on this day. They want to be a part of it. 

And if they don’t, then that’s okay, too. But if they do want to be a part of it make sure to involve them because it means just as much to them as it does to you. 

6. Don’t wash your hair the day of prom. You definitely want to bathe or shower, but just don’t wash your hair. If you leave your hair for a couple of days, your hair is going to be easier to curl or hold a style rather than washing it right away, blow drying it, and then it’s still really shiny and clean and doesn’t hold styles as well. Just hold off on washing your hair, do it a couple of nights before.

7. Don’t worry about bringing a date. So you definitely can have a date if you want to by all means go for it. Bring your best friend, or you can bring your significant other. But if you don’t have a date, don’t feel pressured to have one because that is a terrible excuse for missing your prom. 

You can just go with your friends; it’s going to be so much more fun that way. You don’t feel pressured to you know, take group pictures and all that kind of stuff. You can just hang out with your friends and enjoy your prom together.