How To Turn Off Home Security System

First, disconnect the backup battery and then unplug its transformer from the outlet to power down your alarm system. You can verify that it’s off by checking its touchscreen or keypad for signs of activity.

If a user unplugs their security system, they should power it back on by reconnecting the backup battery and then plug it into the transformer. If this order is not followed, there might be issues with correctly powering up all of its components.

Complete the following steps to turn off your home alarm system:

Disconnect the backup battery

Before disconnecting a solar panel’s transformer, it is recommended that you first disconnect the battery. The location of this backup battery will depend on the type of panels used in your home or building. For wireless systems where there are no visible wires and cords plugged into anything, look behind its back cover for a connection to unplug from the circuit board.

For hardwired Honeywell Vista Systems, the battery is a large black box housed inside of the panel’s beige metal cabinet. To disconnect it, you must disconnect the positive and negative wires from your system first.

Unplug the transformer

To shut down the panels, unplug their transformers. The transformer is either screwed into or plugged into an electrical outlet, so it needs to be unscrewed first before you can pull out its cord. If necessary, power off the breaker for that particular socket by turning off one of your home’s main breakers, which will also cut electricity supply from other sockets feeding on this circuit as well.

Confirm the shutdown

In order to confirm that a panel is powered down, check the display screen or keypad. If it’s blank and unresponsive when you press buttons on its touchscreen, then this means your device has been successfully shut down.