What Are Child Safety Seats For Golf Cart?

The best way to keep drivers and passengers safe when using golf carts and LSVs is to follow the rules, especially if an inexperienced and licensed driver is behind the wheel. In addition, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Allow no more than the recommended number of passengers, make no after-factory alterations, and never disable or adapt the speed governor of the cart.

Riding on a golf cart is enjoyable for children, but keep in mind that it is a moving vehicle, even if at a slow speed, and some safety precautions must be observed. Children should be taught to sit with their feet flat on the floor. If seatbelts are available, passengers should use them and hang on to the armrests or safety bars, especially as the cart is turning. Younger children should be placed in a forward-facing seat in the cart because they are more prone to tumble from rear-facing chairs.

Look for models with seatbelt systems and forward-facing seats if you’re renting or buying an LSV or cart to use with kids. The greater the number of safety features, the better. Also, make sure you understand what kind of car you’re renting and the laws in the place where you’ll be driving.

We’re all aware of the dangers of young riders’ heads colliding with the pavement when they fall from their bikes. Ejection from the car poses the greatest danger to children (and all passengers). If your children are riding in a golf cart or LSV, they should wear a biking helmet at the very least; it will protect them if they fall or are ejected from the cart.

Make sure that any relatives or friends caring for your children are aware of the guidelines. To some, wearing a seatbelt or a helmet in a golf cart or LSV may appear excessively cautious or unnecessary. However, golf cart accidents are on the rise, and there is a high risk of injury while falling or being ejected from the cart. Setting fundamental rules for your child’s safety while riding in a cart is similar to setting rules for bikes and autos.

Due to a lack of kid safety features, the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital recommends that children under six not be transported in golf carts. So, load up the cart with the big kids, grandparents, the cooler, and a billion beach toys, and go for a good long walk with the little one.