What Is The Best DIY Home Security System

Do you want to know what is the best DIY home security system? Well, there are many available in the market but nothing can beat SimpliSafe. Want to know how? Look below:


SimpliSafe’s monthly plans are great for those who want to explore the world of home automation but still need something reliable. It has a reputation as one reader can’t be without, and we agree wholeheartedly!

Monthly monitoring prices of SimpliSafe range from $14.99 to 24.99. It is pretty less than your monthly coffee budget. Both of Simplisafe’s plans include professional monitoring for environmental threats like fires and gas leaks. The Interactive plan tackles invasion and security issues with its unlimited telephone support plan that includes a customer service representative available by phone at any time, day or night!

SimpliSafe has some of the most generous equipment policies we’ve seen. They include a three-year warranty on their products rather than one year like Abode and Blue by ADT, as well as an extendable return policy that is twice as long at 60 days instead of 30 days.

SimpliSafe’s Interactive plan is a great choice for those who need to be able to check up on their safety system at all times. Not only does it give you mobile access, but the keypad can also act as an additional screen so there won’t ever again be any worries about not being able to see what’s happening when someone walks into your living room unannounced!

SimpliSafe is a great option for those looking to protect their home. With all the equipment you need and easy installation, it’s no wonder Simplisafe has such high customer satisfaction ratings! However, this system does lack features like Z-Wave compatibility or an outdoor camera– but don’t let that fool you into thinking anything is missing in terms of safety at your house.

Can I monitor SimpliSafe myself?

The SimpliSafe system is an affordable and reliable home security option, but it doesn’t come without its limitations. You can monitor your own local hardware like keypads or sensors in base stations as well as sirens on the map mode display board with a monitoring subscription from their website for $10/month (or less if you have one-time payment bundling).

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Korey Rex