Looking for the best value home security system? We are here with the best one for you. The cove is an affordable and best home security system that offers so many amazing features. Let’s check them out.


All of Cove’s systems come with two plans, Basic or Plus. The basic plan is $14.99 per month and includes 24/7 monitoring that starts on your first day anniversary. They also offer cellular backup for peace-of-mind security in case you lose phone signal anytime. This option also becomes complete with professional customer service by trained professionals ready to help whenever needed! But what if we told you there was an even better deal out there? 

Yes, Cove’s Plus plan throws in even more features, like Alexa and Google Assistant integrations plus remote control for $24.99 a month. Even though it’s 10 dollars more than the Basic plan, we think it’s worth it to be able with our voices arm or disarm the Cove security system remotely from anywhere while also responding quickly by voice when an alert goes off.

Why Cove is the Best Value Home Security System for Professional Monitoring

The cove is the perfect company for those who are looking to buy equipment from a reliable and affordable source. They offer low prices on 24/7 monitoring, their own YI indoor camera without any additional cost (it’s actually included!), as well as priced-lowered accessories like touch panels that come in at less than $100 each! With so much value proposition offered by this service alone, you will be able to save money even when buying more expensive items such as outdoor cameras or motion sensors.

About Cove Equipment

Equipment-wise, Cove offers the following:

  • Touch Alarm Panel
  • Medical button
  • Door, motion, window, glass break, smoke, heat, freeze, flood, and CO detectors
  • Key remote.
  • YI indoor camera

Of course, Cove wouldn’t just give us a free camera. They have an indoor one from YI that was surprisingly low-cost at only $29.50 for additional cameras, which is less than what you would pay elsewhere!

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