Do you want to protect your home with the best DIY security system? Are you thinking about where to buy it? This article is for you. In this blog post, we have talked about which companies offer the best DIY home security systems. You can easily buy them from the company. Let’s take a look at them:


SimpliSafe is one of the first and best DIY home security systems available in the market. It is no doubt a reasonable alternative to professional alarm company firms. This system’s affordable cost and a wide variety of accessories make Simplisafe very accessible for people interested in protecting their homes with the technology they can install at low costs or without any special skills!

SimpliSafe is a great choice for DIYers looking to invest in their own security system. The monthly fee of $15 will allow you access to plenty of features and accessories like a key fob that make Simplisafe one step above other companies’ systems with higher prices attached!


Abode has a range of sensors and devices for an easy security system. These can be controlled with Alexa or IFTTT, as well as other automation to allow you peace of mind when entering your property from afar! All this is available at just $20 per month on top of cellular backup if needed – so don’t wait any longer before putting Abode’s extensive features into use today!

Wyze Home Monitoring

Wyze Home Monitoring is the best choice for peace of mind. The base kit includes two door/window sensors, motion detectors, and a keypad, all priced at $80 (a slight increase from its original price tag). Professional monitoring will set you back an extra $5 per month, but if that’s something you can afford, go ahead! Otherwise, just sign up with them for one year, where they offer 50% off on their starter pack, which comes complete with everything needed, including cameras available at under 10 dollars each!

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Virginia Hoff