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We fully recognize your passion for written art and your desire to contribute ideas on the web. Thankfully, Be Safe is here to provide you with an online platform so you can show the world your innate talents.

We live in a computer-based world and security technology is evolving fast before our eyes. Through our website, we can help you reach your target readers. By submitting and having your article pass a quality check, you can bet that it’ll be published on our site as soon as possible. Best of all, your work will have the chance to be featured on different social media channels. 

We don’t necessarily require links on our content. However, you have to ensure that—if you use them—it doesn’t direct to any malicious or affiliate sites (for obvious reasons).

Finally, we’re positive that you know how to appreciate great content when you see one. With that, we’re encouraging you to please review our editorial guidelines before providing us with topic pitches.

Our Publishing Process

All articles are subject to quality checks. Our promise is to be fair and transparent when it comes to your written piece. If our editorial team finds your submission is up to par and relevant, then you can expect an email of the possible publishing date, as well as an appreciation letter from us.

We’re thrilled to hear from you, so reach out to us right now at [email protected].

Kinds of Articles We Publish about Security

We highlight articles made by passionate web content writers. These pieces consist of:

  • How-to Guides — If you’re an expert in a particular field of security, then now is your time to shine and help readers solve specific problems.
  • In-depth Articles — These are mostly straightforward content that caters to people in the business and/or corporate sector who put safety at the forefront of their business.
  • Opinion Pieces — This is for the writer who gets all fired up and clacks keys non-stop if and when a particular topic about security interests them.
  • Tips and Tricks — We know you have a special way of doing almost anything that involves defense and protection, why not share them with our readers and get paid in the process.
  • Product Reviews — Share with our readers a product or creation that can make a difference in their lives.

Security Topics We Cover

From the name itself, Be Safe is all about our readers’ safety and security. With that, here are some of the topics we cover: 

  • Home Security — Safety systems and guidelines for residential properties.
  • Corporate Security — Security systems for office and/or commercial spaces.
  • Private Security —Patrol services for special events.
  • Personal Security — Personal bodyguards for well-known personalities in every industry.
  • Cybersecurity — Overall protection on the world wide web.

Be One Step Closer to Joining Us 

If you’re looking for a reliable website where you can contribute your original ideas about safety and security, then now is definitely the time to reach us. We’re here to welcome you with open arms.

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] with the following information: 

  • Title (around 50-60 characters)
  • Content (between 1000-1500 words)
  • Optimized images and/or videos
  • A brief bio with a profile picture
  • A list of links you’re planning to use

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