About Us

Welcome to Be-safe.org!

Our Mission

To become a platform where overall security in life is promoted. We will gather all resources that aim to protect you, the ones you love, and the things you treasure.

Our Vision

To help promulgate knowledge regarding safety and security through our content and help build a world where people are more informed of their choices regarding securing everything they love and worked hard for.


What is Be-safe.org?

Be-Safe.org is an online platform that contains a collection of learning opportunities on topics that directly impact our community’s safety, security, and quality of life. It came to life through the realization of its founders that despite the thousands of companies offering security and safety products and services, there are only a few websites that aim to test these products. Here at be-safe.org, we provide an insightful review of how these products and services work and why they are essential in ensuring your safety and security.

These, along with all the lessons, are available for your perusal- for studies, local public safety agency notices, other concerned organizations, and any purpose they may serve. In addition to the topics currently available, new topics will become accessible every day.

We hope you find our content interesting and informative; we trust you to utilize this resource and share it with family and friends. If by any chance you have any security-related topic you’d want us to write about, please refer to our Contact Us page.