2022 Home Security Buying Guide

When it comes to the Home Alarm System, you shouldn’t cut any corners. It’s essential to research, study, and review the features of each product that you’d like before making a decision. You need to find that perfect match to the level of security that makes you and your family feel comfortable, especially when you’re away from home. We’ve evaluated the top-rated products and came up with a short list of the 5 best alarm systems to help you find the right one for your property.

#1 Ring Alarm Home Security Kit

The Ring Alarm Home Security Kit is a Home Depot exclusive product. It’s ideal for residential owners who don’t want to break their budget. This reliable alarm system instantly sends alerts to your Android or iOS device when the security of your house or apartment is compromised, such as the opening of windows or doors by intruders. It allows you to monitor your property when you’re on a trip, working, or anywhere else to give you peace of mind. Installing Ring Alarm is easy. There’s no need to hire a professional installer or to use any expensive tools just connected to the base station using the ring app. And you’ll be instructed to pull off the plastic tabs located at the back of the motion detectors and contact sensors, thus activating the functions of the entire security system. Afterward, you can begin customizing the setting for the individual device via the app such as how often you want to send alerts or how sensitive you want them to be.

It comes complete with a siren alarm and a 24-hour backup battery. It also works with Alexa, letting you disarm and arm the Home Alarm with your voice. You can upgrade your security system 24/7 through cellular backup and professional monitoring, though it does require a minimal amount for a monthly fee. For more comprehensive protection, you can also add more ring sensors, outdoor security cameras, and a doorbell. Each package contains one base station, keypad, range extender, motion detector, and contact sensor. All parts are covered with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

#2 Google Nest Secure Alarm System 

This Home Depot exclusive ensures an ultimate solution to manage the security of your property even remotely. Comes with a Google assistant that helps you control your home, arm the system, get answers, as well as manage tasks including temperature change requests or playing music using voice commands. Nest Secure is such a very convenient system to use. It allows you to arm and disarm it whenever you like using the Nest app. Enter a passcode, tap nest tag on Nest guard, or say, “Hey Google and set security to away. In case you forget to arm it, the “Remind Me Alert” will send you immediate alert. It also works well with Alexa, Lou Tron wink Siri or Control4. The 1080p security camera provides clear, distinct live video streaming, letting you monitor the indoor of your home via smartphone or tablet. You can access the Nest Cam anywhere you are.

At 3.7 by 2.1 by 3.7 inches in size and a matte white finish, this stylish hub blends well with other home devices. The Nest detects sets that allow you to attach to windows or doors discreetly with sense motions within 15 feet of range. Nest guard blares a loud alarm when it’s built-in motion sensor is triggered as unknown intruders attempt to enter the premises. It comes with a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Gone are the days of the wired security system. The wireless Wi-Fi-enabled products in the market today, make the installation and management of an alarm more convenient, even when you’re having a vacation in other parts of the globe.

#3 Lifeshield Smart Home Security Kit

The basic package comes with the alarm device, an interactive security touchpad and one Wi-Fi-enabled camera. What’s amazing about this product is the patented four-layer protection, which keeps you safe against burglary and theft. Even if robbers cut off your phone line, the internet crashes, or the power goes out. This alarm system is best to use in any home or office and works well with Alexa, Z-wave and IFTTT devices. It’s also equipped with home automated capabilities or options for personal monitoring for security professional monitoring services with standard patented carbon monoxide and fire safety protection. For a three-year service contract, you’ll receive a $200 gift card from Home Depot.

Setting it up is no sweat at all. You can do it yourself with no tools necessary and make it run quickly. You can access your home security system from any location using your smart device or mobile phone. The free mobile app assists you in setting or disabling the system whenever you want. It lets you remotely view who comes in and out, check on your pets or catch intruders and thieves who may try to enter your house when you’re not home. It also lets you watch live or recorded videos, giving you the assurance that everyone and everything is well secured. It’s also backed up with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

#4 Skylink Alarm Camera Deluxe Kit

It provides excellent protection for your home and family in a smart way without paying that costly monitoring fees. Installation is easy, allowing you to do it yourself without cost or tools. This all in one system functions with an alarm, video monitoring, and home control mechanism that helps you to manage or monitor the security of your house, even when you’re in a different part of the world.

It uses Skylink Net, the smartphone app. You’ll also receive instant push notifications whenever the sensor is activated or triggered by an unknown person who would like to take advantage of your absence. It has an expandable feature giving you the freedom to add up to 100 devices and integrate the system seamlessly with smart appliances via IFTTT or Google Home. It’s also compatible with Amazon Echo, allowing you to utilize Alexa’s skill to control the system and automate the home devices with voice commands. This 4 x 5 x 15 and a quarter inch plug and play alarm device is wireless camera compatible, which is important when you want a maximum of 10 security cams to secure the various parts of your property. What else is inside the kit? It contains an internet hub, IP camera, 2 motion sensors, 2 door window sensors, a power adapter, Ethernet cable, keychain remote, and mounting accessories. The product is entitled to a one-year manufacturer warranty.

We know that everyone has different needs preferences for that type of alarm device that will help you secure your home or office. So with these variations of options that we’ve provided, we hope you’ve already found your match.

#5 Sabre Home Alarm System

This wireless security system is trusted by law enforcement agencies across the world and by a lot of smart consumers. It’s an elite Home Alarm that features and attention-grabbing 120 decibels alert, which is audible within 300 feet, instantly alerting homeowners against dangerous and triggers or burglars. The kit contains a tri-colored LCD and smart panel with door window sensors, motion sensors, AC adapter, and key fob control with a panic feature. The sensors can be positioned up to 500 feet from the control panel. This user-friendly security system offers adjustable entry-exit delays and alarm durations. 4 operation modes, 8 security zones, and 10 accessory options.

For larger properties, it’s capable of letting you add an unlimited number of sensors and enabling customization of protection with the accessories. Protecting your house or office becomes doable with this Home Alarm System, which is easy to install. No wiring required. You can easily view the battery status with its low battery indicator. It’s also cost-effective, eliminating the need to hire a professional installer and paying for monthly monitoring fees with its white finish and color. This attractive monitoring system blends well with your home decor while discreetly gathering feedback from wireless sensors that are positioned in different locations. The highly sensitive smart panel can detect any security breach, triggering the audible alarm and indicator lights. It’s covered with Sabre’s 1-year limited warranty to replace the item due to manufacturing defects.

Did you find the alarm system that’s tailored to your security requirements? If the answer is yes, then the next step is to decide if you want to have it as soon as possible.