A Secure Set Of Oakley Safety Glasses

Whether you have wood, concrete, dust, chemicals, or other particles flying around during your usual day on the job, you realize what a crucial function safety glasses play in your day-to-day life. The American National Standards Institute, or ANSI, has produced standards for workplace safety glasses. Numerous businesses require employees to wear ANSI-rated glasses to avoid potential hazards. The Oakley safety glasses collection is designed to meet the most stringent safety requirements and to exceed consumer expectations for safety glasses in general.

Are All Oakley Glasses ANSI Certified?

While all original Oakley lenses conform to or exceed Z87.1 requirements, not all Oakley frames do. To be approved by ANSI, both the frame and the lenses must be certified. Most Oakley frames are built for athletic use and have features that violate ANSI requirements.

Oakley Glasses That Are Safety Rated

Oakley recognized an opportunity in the industrial sector to perfect and improve safety glasses, which resulted in the creation of the Oakley ANSI Collection. All of these Oakley Safety glasses are constructed from a high-impact material and are designed for use in real-world, dangerous scenarios that require unmatched protection. Additionally, they meet or surpass ANSI’s optical standards. All Oakley Glasses included in this article are ANSI-rated.

Oakley Industrial Det Cord ANSI Glasses

The Oakley Det Cord is engineered to deliver unmatched performance and protection, keeping you safe on the job’s most dangerous days. This frame is also available in RX, so if you require prescription safety glasses, the Oakley Det Cord Industrial ANSI prescription glasses are an excellent choice.

Oakley Shocktube

The Shocktube is a relatively new addition to Oakley’s collection that is swiftly gaining traction. This ballistic frame satisfies ANSI standards, making it ideal for industrial work-related applications. As with the Det Cord, the Shocktube may be customized with prescription lenses.

Oakley Industrial M Frame 2.0

These glasses were created to provide coverage and protection during industrial activities. The M Frame 2.0’s grip where it’s needed and protection everywhere else makes them an excellent pair of safety glasses. However, the Det Cord and Shocktube are available in RX, and these are not.

Oakley Industrial Tombstone Spoil ANSI Glasses

With an emphasis on resolving common issues, such as low clarity, problematic lens interchangeability, and a narrow field of view, various safety glasses are designed. Oakley created the Tombstone safety glasses in order to address all of these concerns. Although these Oakley glasses are supposed to shield you from industrial mayhem, the Tombstone was also created with the avid shooter in mind.

If you’re looking for Oakley Safety Glasses that meet or exceed national standards, any pair from the Oakley ANSI collection is a good choice. If you’re interested in knowing what safety goggles are used for, check out this Be-Safe article today!