Best Safety Door For The Home In 2022

As a refuge from the world, our homes are our safe-havens. Feeling safe in our own houses is important and an extra layer of protection should be in place in order to maximize our security.

However, there are so many security options out there nowadays, whether it’s adding smart locks, Google Assistants, window sensors, or motion detectors, keeping a home safe for you and your family is of utmost priority.

Home security doors are another simple, elegant, and easy way to add a little extra security to our homes. It goes beyond Google Home, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant– home security is about integrating better systems and less about DIY installations.

Doors with motion sensors and integrated smart home security systems are a lot easier to install and get into if you’re looking for a mix of security products, but how do you go about choosing one? 

Prime-Line Security Door

Prime-Line Security Door

This stylish door by Prime-Line is made of sturdy steel. It features a 24-gauge perforated steel mesh, a 1″ by 1″ welded steel frame, and three heavy-duty tamper-proof hinges.

As for the design, it is a Woodguard door with a traditional screen door look and is stained with a light oak finish. Amazon’s page features a how-to video showing how to install the door, ensuring ease of installation from start to finish. The following are the door’s dimensions:

  • Mount frame: 3-piece 1.25″
  • Dimensions: 36″ by 80″
  • Frame 39″ by 81.5″
  • Bore: 2.125″
  • Backset: 2.375″ 

Precision Screen & Security Prod

Precision Screen & Security Prod

The door here is specifically from the Regal series of this manufacturer. The dimensions of the door are 38.5″ by 81.5″. It features a black steel security door with classic welding in the center.

The door has extra features like a full-length fly strap that keeps out intruders and expanded steel mesh. The door hardware is mounted with one-way screws. The package comes with the following dimensions:

  • Tubular steel door frame: 0.75″ by 0.75″
  • Hinge bar: 1″
  • Striker and header bar: 1″
  • Double lockbox: 2.125″ bore; 2.375″ backset.

Viz-Pro Quick Mount Steel Security Door

Viz-Pro Quick Mount Steel Security Door

This white security door has a frame size of 34.625″ to 37″ by 81.6875″. It has hinges on the right and the knob on the left when viewed from the inside. 

The product includes a frame, stainless steel handles, four heavy-duty lift-off hinges, and a lock with a 9 to 12-point locking system. There is also an anti-jemmy lip around the frame.

The 0.0625″ frame has built-in steel strengthening, and the 2″ thick door leaf is filled with fiberglass or mineral wool. Lastly, this door has a reinforced panel for a friction stay or door closer, a threshold that is easy to take off, and weather sealing.

Windows Of Opportunity

These are just a few of the doors that are available to you on the market. All three of them also have the added bonus of simple installation. Any one of these is top-of-the-line security equipment that can reliably protect and guard your home, leaving you worry-free.

However, getting a security door is not the only way to provide you and your family with more security. Ensuring you have a smart home like voice control and entry sensors in various parts of your home is another way to elevate your smart devices’ security protocols. 

Another opportunity to enhance smart home systems is to read more about security products. You may also subscribe to professional monitoring plans or pay monthly monitoring fees to get more protection in certain parts of your home. 

For more extreme scenarios like those restraining orders or those with big families can also consider different security solutions that go beyond smart locks and window sensors. This means hiring security detail, especially if you have a large home or tend to attract a lot of unwanted attention. 

If you’re not keen on replacing an entire door, getting locks for existing windows and doors can go a long way. Learn more about sliding door locks for a child-safe home, read through our blogs at Be-Safe today!