Can You Put A Gun Safe Upstairs – Storage Tips For Gun Owners

Your gun safe now is placed downstairs, but you realize it’s quite annoying? Well, everyone wants to keep it safely away from prying eyes but easily accessible when required for self-defense against intruders. 

So, can you put a gun safe upstairs? Let’s dive into this post and find out the best solution for this headache problem!

Can You Put A Gun Safe Upstairs?

Yes, you can! Though a gun safe is not only heavy but also bulky in size, it doesn’t matter if you consider its weight and its position on the floor. 

For gun owners who live in high-rise apartments or two-story houses, this issue has probably come up at least once. A large safe can be difficult to get upstairs. Not only would it take time, but there’s also the question of whether it would damage the roof of one’s living space.

The Weight Of Your Gun Safe

How heavy of a gun safe upstairs? The weight of gun safes varies depending on their levels, but some safes can even weigh up to half a ton. It seems like storing such a heavy piece of furniture on your second floor would be risky, but remember that your house was built to withstand thousands of lbs!

If your gun safe is lightweight, not all of these issues will apply to you. The smaller one runs cheaper, and you might not need to hire a moving company to carry it up the stairs. If it’s feasible, think about investing in a small-size gun safe which will eliminate some concerns and save you money!

Nevertheless, in case you’re looking for a safe that will keep your guns and other valuables secure, then opt to go with the heavy ones. While they might require more investments in the purchase price and arrangements when it comes time to install them, these are definitely worth it at the end of the day.

Can A House Floor Support A Gun Safe?

You can keep a gun safe upstairs as long as you consider a few important logistics, including the safe’s weight, the square footage of the room you intend to put it in, and where the strongest area to support its weight.

Have you ever wondered how the house floor supports a gun safe?

  • Upstairs rooms can store heavy furniture.
  • When it comes to weight, most houses are built to code.
  • Some flooring areas have stronger points than others.

When you inspect the room you intend to store your gun safe, consider how much furniture you’ve already placed in it. Most second-floor rooms have beds and dressers. On average, generic furniture can weigh up to one ton!

Some of you are probably aware, the typical dimensions of a bathtub are 60” long and 30” wide. This can hold somewhere around 80 gals of water – the same dimension as the most well-known safes!

An extra-deep tub can hold approximately 110 gals of water. One gallon weighs 8 lbs, which means the average bathtub could weigh between 700 – 1,000 lbs — not including anyone in it!

As a result, the house floor can surely support one ton, but the real question is whether it can support two. You probably want to store your gun safe in a room without too much furniture for this to work best!

When building a house, there are numerous codes and rules that the construction contractor must follow to pass inspection. One of these has to do with how much weight the second story can hold for a two-story house.

A 120 square-foot room can easily support 4,800 lbs. It means you don’t need to worry about storing your gun safe upstairs, but you still have to consider the floor beams and the weak points of the floor.

A strong and durable material like concrete is best for supporting a gun safe. However, if you already have wood floors, you need to know the exact location of support beams in that area, then those can serve as a strong spot to put your new safe into.

You might consider putting the safe in a cross beam or a corner of your bedroom that provides more support for your safe. The middle of the room can still hold it, yet we tend to place furniture pieces there, such as a dresser, bed, or bookcase.

The gun owners community also recommends that once you keep your safe upstairs, don’t ignore to notify the fire department. In case of a house fire, they’ll know where your one-ton gun safe is located within the house.

How To Move A Gun Safe Upstairs

Any changes in the terrain would result in more complicated safe installation. These changes could be stairs, uneven ground, steep slopes, narrow hallways, or large water bodies.

It needs expertise, proper tools, and strength to get through these challenging terrains successfully. Still, big box stores only deliver goods on curbsides, which can be inconvenient for those with large homes or multiple floors that need assistance up and down stairs on moving day.

It means that gun owners have to move a 1,000 lbs safe or heavier into their house. For most people, it’s not feasible to safely move anything of such size. In case your safe needs to go up several flights of stairs, it’s much the same!

Safety Tips For Moving A Gun Safe Upstairs

Using a dolly would benefit your process.  The durable and secure nature of this helpful tool will help you transport your heavy load safely while resting as necessary along the way. Below are some safety tips you need to bear in mind:

  • Measure your gun safe’s dimensions and weight.
  • Secure a hand truck or heavy-duty dolly that can support the safe’s weight.
  • Wrap a thick cloth around your gun safe, and tight ratchet straps snugly around your dolly for better securing the gun safe.
  • Remove the firearms inside the safe. If the door’s safe is removable, do remove it for lighter weight.
  • Put on protective gloves and clothing to better grip the handle of the dolly.
  • Make sure to ask helpers to clear the goals. This helps make sure no risks are threatening you.
  • Determine the location of the narrow gaps, bumps, and sharp turns to clear the way during the process.

How To Move A Gun Safe Upstairs

Think of the place where you are going to put your gun safe. Ask three trusted friends who can help you conquer this task. Also, prepare a ratchet strap to cover the safe and a heavy-duty dolly big enough to support such weight! Keep in mind that the process might be dangerous, so plan out how it’s done carefully! 

Once you’re ready, here is our step-by-step guide on moving a gun safe upstairs appropriately:

  • Remove the safe’s door (if possible) and the anchor bolts.
  • Place your dolly underneath your safe. Balance the safe’s weight against the durable dolly to help you move it easily.
  • Secure your gun safe with the tips above.
  • Be cautious while pulling your safe on each stair step.
  • Maintain constant balance with your dolly to prevent sudden movements of the safe.
  • Bend your knees, grab the safe’s handle firmly to gather more momentum while pulling your safe.
  • When your safe tips are over, let it lay upon the ground.

Other Places To Install Gun Safes

There is no one best place for a gun safe. You can keep it downstairs or upstairs as long as that place meets the standard requirements. At all events, preference matters most!

Placing a gun safe in the basement is also a good idea, but you will get into trouble when floods arise. To prevent water damage to your firearms, you can add concrete blocks to raise the position of the safe. You can’t anchor this raised gun safe, yet this is where your heavy-sized safe comes in handy as it’s not easy to move it around.

When moving the heavy gun safe across your hardwood floors, you must be careful not to leave behind any marks or scratches. You can use carpet and felt pads while doing this to prevent floor damages. However, keep in mind that the safes may put too much pressure on certain types of floors. So, do some research beforehand!


Can you put a gun safe upstairs? Yes, moving a gun safe could be tough, but it is possible with the right knowledge and preparation. Don’t forget to inspect your house floor first to know whether or not the weight will pose any difficulties for moving up there. 

You’ll also want to make sure all furniture in the way is cleared out beforehand as well. Keep these things in mind when deciding how best to move your gun safes around safely!