Tips To Childproof Your Household for Babies and Toddlers

It seems like we’re forever childproofing our place when there is a baby or toddler around. Each time we secure one danger, the little ones manage to discover another one. So what can we do to keep babies and toddlers safe at home?

Honestly, there is a lot we can do. Each parent experiences something new and has value to add to our growing list of what we can do to ensure our kids’ safety while still allowing them to play and explore in the house.

Cover Electrical Outlets

“I am very protective of my children and I will do anything in my power to try and protect them from any danger. This is why I installed electrical outlet covers to all the outlets in the house. Children are very curious, so when they see you do something, like plug an electrical wire into the socket, they will try and do it too. Since they cannot understand that they can get hurt, it is our duty as parents, as adults, to protect them.

“I once saw a related one on the news where a two-year-old toddler inserted a metal spoon on the electrical outlet and got electrocuted. According to the news, his mother was feeding him and just went out to get water. The next thing they knew, the toddler was no longer breathing. It was such a sad day for their family.

“So it is very important to install protective gears on common household items such as electrical outlets in order to prevent the electrocution of children. It is not enough to tell the children not to do it, but instead, do structural protection too. Remember, it’s okay to be extra protective so everyone will stay well and alive.”

Tony Grenier, CEO Instrumental Global

Install Window Guards

“While it may be a good idea to leave a window halfway open for fresh air, it could lead to a host of injuries to your child. A fall from a window tends to be very severe and is believed to be the number one trauma reason for children to go to the ER. Installing window guards is a simple and inexpensive way to avoid this. These devices prevent the window from opening more than 6 inches, allowing for fresh air to pass through while decreasing the risk of your child falling out.” (Ashley H)

Anchor Heavy Furniture and Devices

“Furniture tip-over accidents can lead to devastating crush injuries that may be fatal. Televisions especially are easily tipped over by kids, leading to bodily harm. You can buy tethers from home improvement stores to anchor heavy furniture and televisions to the wall to keep your child safe from tip-over injuries.” (Ashley H)

Childproof Your Trash Cans

“Children are often enchanted by the colorful contents of garbage. These contents, however, can. harm your child as they may include sharp objects, rotten foods, and items that may constitute a choking hazard. Keep your child safe by using latches to keep the lids closed and keep it out of reach outside of your home.”

Ashley H, Founder Home Improvement Blog MomLovesHome

Household And Backyard Tools Can Be Dangerous For Young Children

“Children love to explore around the home and don’t know what is and what isn’t safe to touch. Sometimes while using tools, parents may put them down for a few minutes in between tasks and forget that children can access them and experience serious injury or worse. And renovating a home while toddlers are around can be challenging!

“All hand power tools such as drills and saws should be locked away when they’re not being used. If any tools have blades or knives, these should be removed from the tool and locked away. 

Lawnmowers, trimmers, scissors, and other garden tools should be stored somewhere safe and out of reach of children, ideally in a garden shed with a lock. This should be done even if your child is inside while you’re working in your yard.

“When using tools, check that your child is not in the way and if you are stopping for even just a few minutes, switch off, unplug and put your tools somewhere that your child cannot reach.

Long cords should never be left dangling as children can pull on them. Tidy the floor too in case there are any trip or slip hazards such as electrical cords or spilled liquid.”

Christine Carlisle, mom of 3 teenage girls and the senior writer for Home Health Living

Using a Floor Mattress and Playmat

“I made a decision to sleep with my little one on the floor when she was one year old, and I’ve taught her how to get off and on the floor bed/ mattress ever since. I also surround her with pillows, and I also have some playmats surrounding the mattress, just in case she accidentally falls off it.” (Julie Ann Ensomo)

Use a Baby Gate

“We have this pet gate that we didn’t really use that much for our cats so we just placed it by my kid’s bedroom door, so she won’t wander off when we’re not looking. She can still see us from outside so she doesn’t feel alone and it’s high enough that she won’t be able to climb out of it.” (Julie Ann Ensomo)

Hide Everything

“We co-sleep in my kid’s bedroom and I hide everything that can potentially be dangerous for her. I have child safety locks in everything that she can possibly open – cabinets, drawers, etc.

So the only thing you will visibly see in my kid’s bedroom is the floor mattress, playmat, pillows and some age-appropriate toys. So she’s totally safe to stay there on her own and I check up on her using the baby monitor from time to time.”

Julie Ann Ensomo, Mother and Motherhood Experience Blogger at Adaptable Mama.

“It’s quite a hard task for parents to make sure that our house is childproof. We may, at times, feel confident thinking that we have already done a good job keeping the house safe for our toddlers. Yet there are still unfortunate instances that happen even though we try hard keeping them secured, especially at home.” says Lynda Le, “Here are some childproofing tips I did at home, which can sometimes be missed by parents:

Keep Matches and Candles out of Reach

“Make sure that matches and candles are out of their reach. These are small stuff so don’t let them scatter around the house. Toddlers can accidentally start a fire with matches. It’s also a risk chewing a candle for they can be choked by the wax.” (Lynda Le)

Keep The Frames Away and Mount The TV

“Toddlers love moving around, walking, and running so they will eventually bump into things. They can potentially knock frames and even TV if they bumped on the TV stand. Shattered glass may cut them, and as for the TV, it may fall on them. Keep the frames away and the TV mounted for safety.” (Lynda Le)

Secure Your Fireplace

“You also have to cover your fireplace. Plus, place heat-resistant gates as the flames are burning for added safety. If the fireplace is not in use, secure that, so no one can touch anything in it, especially your toddlers. Keep out of reach and sight the tools used for stoking the fire.”

Lynda Le, Nail Technician and Founder of Polish Perfect