How Effective Are Home Alarm Systems

Homeowners have any questions about security systems and whether they’re effective in preventing crime. The short answer: yes! Studies show that simply by having one in place, you’re more likely to keep your home safe from burglars and thieves – we’ll explain exactly how this can work for you. 

What the studies say

Three separate studies conducted by two universities and the National Institute of Justice support these findings. Burglars tend to stay clear of homes with visible security system elements in place. While each study was conducted at different times, location-wise, all had results that showed that these types of targets were not only easily distinguishable from unprotected homes but also more protected against criminals.

Cromwell-Olson-Avary study

The Cromwell-Olson-Avary study, sponsored by the National Institute of Justice, has found that of all the burglars interviewed, 90% or more thought that they would not choose a target with an alarm system, and 75% were deterred by signs such as window stickers. In other words, when all factors are equal – even for an easier victim – the risk involved in taking on this type of challenge is just too high for burglars.

UNC Study

The University of North Carolina (UNC) Charlotte recently conducted a study on a burglary to see how many would resort to theft if there was an alarm present. The study reported that burglars would first try to determine whether someone had set up security before attempting any burglaries. Also, 70 percent of the time, when burglars would attempt entry through the doors or windows, and motion sensors would alert the homeowners and deter the burglars. 

Why you should supplement with security cameras

Security cameras are a great means of deterring crime, not just for homes but also in neighborhoods. A study of public surveillance showed that with well-monitored security cameras there were in an area, the crime rate decreased by 24%. The saved costs due to these deterred crimes easily offset what was paid towards equipment!

Homeowners should install security cameras to deter burglars. Burglary is a crime, and most criminals want to avoid being caught on camera. The presence of one or more surveillance devices will make their job much harder—even if they encounter an empty home with no people present in it.

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