How Much Are Home Security Systems

Pricing home security systems can be confusing because there are so many small and various parts for the complete setup. The overall price has to include the cost of the camera, alarms, buttons, triggers, brackets, monitors, and so much other stuff as well.

On average a home security system can cost you an average of anything around $250-$1500. There can be a small monthly upcharge for maintenance and other services. The high budget bracket is due to multiple reasons.

Breaking down the cost can be a tricky thing and involves a lot of factors that affect the cost of your home security system. Let’s discuss some of these factors so that you better understand how things work.

Installation Area

The price is highly dependent on the area we want to apply our security system to. If you have a small, cozy house with a few rooms, securing that with a security system will not cost you a lot. But if you have a huge property with a lawn and backyard and you want to install a security system for that, it will probably cost you a lot of money.

Security System Type

The type of security system you want to install can also have a huge effect on how much money you will have to spend on the security system. If you are going for the basic plan that involves just the cameras and a monitor or just a plain old alarm system, it won’t set you back that much. If you want to have a combination for everything available that will obviously cost you more.

Points of Contact

The number of points of control can also affect the amount you will have to pay for your security system. If you have just one point of control, that will be easier to manage and hence will be lower in cost. If you want a security system with multiple points of contact, you will have to pay more for the setup and interconnectivity between these POCs.

Number of Screens

Screens or monitoring devices are a significant expenditure when you are deploying security systems. So the value automatically goes up when you add multiple screens to your security system and go down when you stick to single or fewer screens for your security system.

Angles Covered

The angles you want to cover with your security system can also affect the cost of your overall projects. More angles mean more cameras to cover those angles and more cameras mean an increase in the overall cost. So the cost is highly dependent on the angles we are covering.

Added Functionalities

You can add features and functionalities to your home security systems, as many as you want, like extra monitors custom alarms, notifying the authorities, etc. With each added feature, you are adding cost to your project. Your overall expenditure will increase according to your feature selection.

Keeping all of these in mind the average cost will not seem over the top and you will be able to break it down better.