While we are all concerned about our personal safety, high profile individuals like celebrities or people with a high net worth find the usual level of security measures are insufficient for them. They are a more vulnerable target for stalkers and criminals.

Not everyone walks around with personal security guards, but at times there arises a rather worrisome need for that extra layer of protection. It could be a high-profile event, travel to an unsafe location, or even the odd stalker or threat.

It would be a great stress reliever to know you are free to go about your business with professional security personnel keeping you and your loved ones safe.

How much does personal security cost?

That would depend on the level of risk and security needed. For instance, a personal bodyguard’s salary would vary, depending on whether the client needs to travel to high-risk areas or simply needs domestic security. It could also matter whether a personal bodyguard with a gun is required or a team of security personnel.

That said, we’ll examine the average costs for hiring personal security, so you can decide on the right security for yourself.

International Personal Security

The type of security, as well as the costs, would change considerably if security was needed for international travels. Usually, the cost could go up to $1,000 for a day along with travel and accommodations.

Commercial Security

According to During a Super Bowl, NFL players were provided security at $150 an hour per bodyguard for 100 billable hours, resulting in a $15,000 bill.

Private Security Guard

A private client, on the other hand, when hiring an unarmed personal bodyguard for a day could pay up to $500.

Event Security

For an event, unarmed bodyguard salaries could begin at $45 an hour. For the entire duration of an event, the cost could go up to $360 to $1000.

Armed Security

Armed security personnel, usually an ex-law enforcer, could cost up to $750 a day.

A-List personal Security

Stalkers and paparazzi are the major concern for A-Listers. If they require full-time security, they could easily be paying around $1000 for an 8-hour shift, with 3 bodyguards switching shifts.

Bottom Line

The national average for hiring a personal security guard would range from about $30 to $40/hr. Although a wider range can start at $20/hr and go up to $150 an hour. The annual average ranges from $38,000 to $120,000, according to Payscale. The cost of private security eventually depends on the client, duration, number of personnel required, the potential risk, and security service hired.

Are you looking for a personal security guard? Which security service do you think is the best at providing personal security?