How To Blind A Security Camera

Security cameras help monitor illegal activities and deter intruders. On the other hand, security cameras sometimes end up invading the privacy of others. It is for this reason that some people blind security cameras. So, if a security camera disturbs your privacy, you might want to consider blinding their security cameras. The question, however, is how to blind a security camera?

Is Blinding Security Cameras Legal?

Make sure it’s legal to blind a security camera before attempting it. Security cameras aim to deter or resolve crimes in the area. Your neighbors’ outdoor camera system can be advantageous if it points at your house or lawn or aims to cover a large area, such as your backyard. This means you get free security. Having a security camera aimed at your bedroom, bathroom, or dressing room may indicate something else if you consider that part of your home private.

You can talk to your neighbor about their camera pointed at your doorstep or backyard if you feel uncomfortable. You will get a chance to explore the intentions underlying their arguments and to hear their side of the story. This method can also verify the blind spot of a security camera. It is always best to speak with the surveillance camera owner before jamming or blinding their security system. You may need to check with your local laws for legal action if they still refuse to adjust their camera after speaking to them.

Ways to Effectively Blind Security Camera

Apart from talking to the camera owner, you can also apply practical methods to blind security cameras.

Block The Camera’s View

Blocking your neighbor’s security camera with objects can be an effective way to block it if you have trees between your property and the camera. Alternatively, you can also build your fence high enough that cameras will not be able to see your property.

Check Whether the Camera Installed is Real or Fake

If you want to blind your neighbor’s security camera, you should first check if it is real or fake. There is a possibility that your neighbor might install a fake camera system to fool burglars and prevent trespassers. A real security camera has a visible red light that can be seen at night. In addition, you can check closely for wires attached to it.

Conduct Some Research

The best way to figure out if you need a blind security camera is to speak to someone who has the same experience. Online research or asking around can help. Someone you meet might be able to provide you with the right information about how to legally blind security cameras, as opposed to jamming them.

Ask Help From Local Mediators

If you cannot reach an agreement with the camera owner, you can contact a mediator in your local area. A local justice system or neighborhood mediation system is available in every state and country where you can schedule a meeting to discuss the matter with a government official. If the issue can be resolved this way, no further legal action will be needed.


Security cameras are a great crime deterrent, and they are also used to monitor what’s going on at your properties. Nonetheless, there are some situations where a neighbor’s security camera can annoy and make you feel uncomfortable. When you notice their camera pointed at your property or at a place that is supposed to be private, then you should be concerned. It is, therefore, necessary to know how to blind a security camera in the right way. Check with your local laws before taking action regarding security cameras so you can act accordingly.

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