How To Hide Security Camera Wires Outside Your Home

Our facilities don’t need to be guarded all night, but burglars can find and destroy them. Continue reading to learn how to hide security camera wires outside.

Types of Security Cameras

You will have an advantage if you know about the different types of security cameras before we teach you how to hide security camera wires outside. Listed below are the types:

Thermal Security Camera

Smoke, fog, dust, haze, animals, and people are all detectable from this type of security camera.

Wide Dynamic Security Camera

This camera produces clear and crisp pictures.

Wireless IP Camera 

Regardless of the situation, these security cameras deliver crystal clear images.

Box Style Security Camera

The camera’s lens can be customized with this type of security camera.

Dome Security Camera

The vandal-resistant housing on this security camera ensures that it will not be damaged.

PTZ Security Camera

With this type of security camera, movement can be tracked, and an extensive area can be surveyed.

Bullet Security Camera

The low-light capabilities of this security camera make it ideal for low-light environments.

Day/Night Security Camera

Security cameras of this type are most effective at night or during the day.

How to Hide Security Camera Wires Outside

Security cameras are one of the most effective methods for monitoring and securing your property. Here is how to hide security camera wires outside.

Cover Them

You can cover outdoor camera wires with an object. Baseboards are an excellent option for covering them. The wires need to be placed between the floor and the wall. Then, the baseboard can be used to cover them. Ensure that the wires can be covered well by the baseboard. Remember to consider your wall paint.

Paint the Wires

It is best to blend security camera wires with the environment when hiding them outside. First, you should examine the wires and the wall paint where they were attached. Usually, the wiring is gray, white, or black. This is why it is readily visible on the surface. Whenever you analyze the wires, you can purchase spray paint for plastics at your nearest hardware store. One of the best products to use is Krylon Fusion. Use safe spray paint instead of other paints that may damage wires. When you are finished painting, you’ll notice that it can only be seen up close and not from afar. Do not switch on the cameras just yet. The paint must dry before the cameras can be used.

Hide the Wires in the Ceiling

Hide your security camera cables in your ceiling as another easy way to hide them. The camera itself will be the only thing seen through this method. It is simply a matter of drilling a hole in your ceiling so that the wire can be threaded through. You should turn off the circuit breaker before you do this, though, to prevent electrocution. Wear protective goggles and a mask to protect your eyes and face from small debris, and keep your hands and fingers free of moisture before touching wires.

Plastic Tubes

Plastic tubes are the best option for hiding security camera cables. Furthermore, it will protect the wire from spills, harsh weather, or impacts and conceal the wire. As a result, the wires will be hidden, and their lifespan will be extended. It’s just a matter of drilling the studs into the ground and then turning off the circuit breaker to prevent electrocution. The next step is to thread the wires through the tubes carefully.

Bury The Wires

It is possible to protect your wires by laying them on the ground or passing them through a plastic pipe first. The cameras are very effective when mounted in driveways where there is no wall with which to clip the cables.

Choose Wireless Camera

Your camera choice is easiest for hiding security camera cables. You can purchase wireless models powered by solar panels or batteries. They accomplish the same thing.


Many homeowners choose to have security cameras installed in their homes. They are extremely dependable, so many homeowners choose to have them installed. The camera’s wires are sometimes compromised due to rats, burglars, or harsh weather. These tips on concealing security camera wires outside your house will be able to keep your house secure and under surveillance!

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