You do not need to be a professional home security system installer or have any sort of technical expertise in order to install your own DIY home security system. In fact, these systems are so easy to set up and affordable that it might even make more sense for renters who can’t drill anything into walls! Plus, wireless technology means you won’t have bulky wiring running throughout the house either.

Some Simple Steps Of Installing Home Security System

Install The Home Security Panel First

The panel should be placed near the main entrance to your home and close to a power source. This will keep out intruders but still allow you easy access in case of an emergency or if someone needs help. The panel can either be nailed into place with screws through pre-existing holes on the wall, or it can also use adhesive so that there are no permanent marks left behind after its removal from the surface area where it was attached.

Place Detectors And Sensors In Your Home.

With a basic door and window alarm sensor, you may also have motion detectors. This system usually comes with a peel-and-stick backing that holds them into place yet allows for easy movement as needed. Use the guidelines provided by your home security system to ensure the optimum location of sensors on doors or windows

Test The Security System.

Look at the instructions in your home security system owner’s manual to test the entire system. Once everything is working properly, adjust any settings that may need adjusting, and you should be good!

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Can We install a home security system myself?

The benefits of do-it-yourself home security have been made clear. It is possible to install a completely monitored system in your home for hundreds less than it would cost by a professional company and takes only 15 minutes!

What’s better ring or SimpliSafe?

Both companies are reputable and both have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The ring has less expensive packages, a 1-year warranty, but offers more trial periods. Although SimpliSafe is pricier its 3-year warranty period makes up for that.

Can you monitor SimpliSafe yourself?

SimpliSafe also has an option that lets you self-monitor through the smartphone app and get 30 days of cloud video storage for $10/month.