How to Keep a Bathroom Safe for the Children

Children consider bathrooms to be a place to have fun. They like to play with water and because of their curious nature, they want to explore everything. The problem is, bathrooms are not safe at all. They are full of germs and bacterias and can cause illness.

Other than this, bathrooms are a birthplace for hazards with children at home. The sink, bathtub, cleaning products, sanitary products, as well as electrical beauty appliances can be unsafe for children when left unsupervised.

Here are some tips to keep a bathroom safe for children

Keep the children in Sight

Always keep the children in sight. They will disappear for one second and the next thing you know they will be soaking themselves in water. So don’t ever let them out of your site to keep them protected.

Safety on doors

Try to apply safety on doors by installing child locks to keep the door closed all the time. So, if they want to visit the bathroom they have to ask for your permission and that is how you can always be aware of when they are in the bathroom and you can accompany them.

Drain water completely

If you take a bath or bathe your child, make sure to drain the water completely from the bathtub to avoid any unfortunate event. Don’t indulge yourself in other chores before draining the water from the bath to ensure the safety of your children.

If you noticed a leak, you should immediately call a plumber near you to inspect the pipes and where the leaks are coming from. That way, you can prevent wet and dump floors that may cause accidents.

Install baby gates

Baby gates can be a huge help if you are the only person that has to take care of the children in the house. Installing baby gates around the place where they usually are can stop them from visiting the bathroom, again and again, and give you peace of mind.

Sink baths

Try to avoid bathtubs if you are skeptical about accidents happening during baths. You can give a quick bath to toddlers in the sink unless they are of appropriate age to use the bathtub for baths.

Use non-slip mats

If you are okay with your children taking baths, consider using non-slip mats inside your bathtubs. There are adhesive mats available for inside and outside of the bathtub to avoid any slipping accidents. You can just stick these to the floor of the bathroom as well as the bathtub.

Scald guards

Applying a scald guard on your faucet can avoid any injury due to extremely hot water. Children can not change the temperature of the water by themselves which protects against burn and injuries, and you can be carefree from this.

Use bath seats

You can always get a bath seat for your children to sit in during baths. This will avoid slipping because the children won’t be jumping in the tub. You can place the seat in such a way that they can’t reach the taps to avoid water overflowing or burn injury.

Prefer showers

Avoid the baths altogether and promote showers among your children. That way, you can reduce the risk of any drowning or slipping accident. 

Mop and Dry

Mop and dry your bathroom regularly so that even when your children go into the bathroom they don’t meet the wet floor which is the main cause of slipping accidents. This is a common issue, especially in tiled bathrooms. The best way to prevent this problem is to choose rough tiles that are not slippy when wet.

Conceal Sharp Edges

You should conceal all the sharp edges in the bathroom so that if all else fails and some accident happens, the damage can be minimized.

Make these your daily practices and hopefully, your children will be safe in their home.