Five tips for keeping your pup safe in the car

The old saying “dogs are a man’s best friend” holds a lot of truth. So many dog owners love their pups more than they can put into words. So, it’s no wonder that you want to keep your beloved pet safe while you’re in the car. Whether you go on road trips to the beach or short car rides to the park, here are five tips to keep your pet safe while traveling in the car.

1. Get a harness
When you’re considering your pet’s safety in the car, think about how you protect yourself. A big lifesaver during car accidents for humans is seatbelts. This is because seatbelts keep you strapped in place should an unexpected accident occur. This same principle applies to your dog. There are a few options to keep them safely strapped in, but one cost-effective option is a dog harness. Visit to browse their inventory of harnesses and accessories. Their harnesses are some of the best on the market with a wide variety of sizes and colors. They also carry a pet seatbelt that easily attaches to their highly-rated dog harness so your dog can be strapped in for car rides.

2. Use crates
Another way to keep your pet protected in your vehicle is to keep them in a crate. Many dogs love their crates. It’s a safe, enclosed space that they can stay in instead of allowing your pup in the front. When your dog is their crate in the backseat, they’re surrounded by familiar scents which make them feel more comfortable as well. You can also put blankets over their crate to help block out busy streets that might make your pet more anxious. While a crate adds comfort and relaxation for your dog, it’s also a more secure spot in case of accidents.

3. Never leave unattended
It’s reported that it only takes six minutes for dogs to overheat on a hot day. And, of those that have a heatstroke, only 50% survive. This is why you need to remember to keep your pet out of the vehicle when possible. In many states, leaving a dog unattended in a vehicle is illegal. When a dog is in a vehicle alone, there is poor ventilation and no food or water. Keep your pet safe by following this simple rule. There is ALWAYS a solution that doesn’t involve leaving a dog in a hot car.

4. Natural remedies
Just like stress is bad for humans, it’s also not good for your furry friend’s health either. Car rides are a common trigger of anxiety and stress for dogs. They don’t like loud noises, fast-paced passing cars, or bright lights. To make traveling with your pup easier, consider some kind of pet relief CBD oil. Companies like SeraLabs offer CBD that is made from quality ingredients extracted from the hemp plant. CBD products from organic hemp can calm your dog’s nerves. There is little to no THC in their CBD oil so it is safe for your pet’s consumption. Before you give it to your dog for car travel, consider reaching out to your pet’s veterinarian to find out which dosage is best for your dog.

5. Seek legal help after an accident
Unfortunately, serious injuries do occur from car crashes, and they’re more common than you may think. If you and your pup are in the car together during an accident, hopefully, all of the previous precautions protect them. But, if you have gotten hurt in a car accident, accident you should consider looking for a personal injury attorney after filing your personal injury claim with your insurance company. If you’re looking for a law firm in Southern California, consider this Orange County injury lawyer. At Daniel Kim Law Firm, you will get the best legal advice in Southern California. They are personal injury lawyers who know the ins and outs of car accidents. Their firm has years of experience, and they are contingency-based so you pay when you get the justice you deserve. Give them a call to do the work to get you the compensation that you deserve so you can focus on feeling better.

There are many ways to protect your pet while driving. As pet owners, you take on this responsibility. To make their safety more simple, consider safety measures like a harness, crate, attention, and relaxing CBD oil. Last but not least, if a car accident leaves you with unexpected costs or injuries, reach out to a personal injury lawyer so you can get the care and compensation you deserve. By letting them take care of this, you can focus on being with your pup.