Safety Rules for Children at Home

Taking care of kids while running errands or doing chores is no easy task. To help you ensure the safety of your little loved ones, we have compiled advice from professionals. 

To start, we have Robert Banks, Founder of MrStocks.

Keep Your Play Area Clean At All Times

This is the first rule I emphasize to my kid whenever he uses his play area and especially after he uses it. Arranging the scattered toys in a toy box after playing with them is necessary. This rule helps him learn how to properly use and care for his toys and play area resulting in him being responsible. It makes the area look good after use and prevents accidents from occurring as well. 

Do Not Touch Chemicals And Sharp Objects  

It is a parent’s responsibility always to make sure that those things are properly stored away from our kids, but sometimes, there are still instances that we forget to keep them away safely. Kids also tend to take things and use them out of curiosity, so it’s better to teach them what those things are for, and they will be more aware that it is not good for them to use and touch those objects. Also, tell them that you can allow them to use sharp objects only with the supervision of adults to keep them from hiding and secretly using blades, scissors, or knives.

Lazarus Jackson, Editor-in-Chief of Modern Home Safety, advises ensuring your children’s play area’s safety.

There are constant threats to children’s safety in the home. You can sleep better knowing your child can play safely with proper prevention methods. Keep sharp objects out of reach of children. Knives, scissors, blades, power tools, etc., should be in a closed space that a child cannot access. Using safety gates to block off stairways or other dangerous areas can save a severe accident from happening. A wandering child can tip over a pot on the stove easily and burn themselves before you realize they left the room they were in under your supervision. 

Never leave young children unattended near water or any electrical appliance. This includes sinks and toilets. We want to eliminate accidental drownings and electrocutions. Many people overlook locking up all medication when you’re not using it so that kids don’t accidentally get into it. Many children will try to mimic a parent and swallow a pill if they get their hands on a prescription bottle. 

All parents need to teach their children about fire hazards like matches and candles or anything else that could cause a fire. The threat of a child starting a fire by accident can happen quickly and harm the child or anyone in the household.

Parents should not forget the cardinal part of every safety rule, claims Caroline Pereira, the Lead Editor of Tech Under World.

I have seen new-age parents trying to teach their kids every possible safety Rule present in the book. But the cardinal part is making them understand the importance of it. There are certain safety rules which need to be taught to children irrespective of the place. Teach your children never to allow strangers in their homes or take anything from them when offered. Self-control might seem difficult from a 4-year-old point of view, but it is as essential as any. Teaching them to stay away from hazardous products advising them not to play with fire and knives is another. We need to make them aware of not sharing their personal information with anyone online or in person. By following these rules, one can ensure the safety of their child.

Robert Gate, Founder and Chief Editor, Archery Topic, focuses on teaching children aside from preventive measures.

A safe home will always be a happy home. And to always keep your home safe, teaching everyone in the house about safety measures, especially the kids, is a must. As a parent of two adorable kids, I know that having safety rules will always keep my family safe. Here’s one important safety rule that I teach my kids to keep them away from injuries and accidents at home. 

Teach them not to play with fire. There’s only one thing that kids have in common, curiosity. Every interesting object they see is a prospect to play with. And the last thing you want them to play is fire. There have been deaths and injuries caused by children playing with fire every year. Therefore it’s very important to educate them about how dangerous fire is. 

My parents have instilled one rule in my mind at a very young age: fire is dangerous. Now that I have my kids, I’m passing it on. 

It would be best to educate your children about the danger of fire as early as possible. Teach them not to play with fire hazards at homes such as matches, candles, and electrical appliances. And at all costs, keep those fire hazards away from them. Kids might already know that they can’t play with it, but still, they’re just kids and will always be kids no matter what. 

The bottom line, safety discussion with kids should be an ongoing process. Start educating them as early as possible. Start with the basics and simple things first. And as they grow, make it a habit to have a daily conversation with them about safety rules in the house. This way, everything will be instilled in their minds, and they will never forget them.

Robert Johnson, Founder of Sawinery, talks about safety fence installation.

Install Hardware-Mounted Safety Gates Or Baby Gates

This is very important, especially if you have stairs. It will help in keeping the babies or your toddlers from falls. Those pressure-mounted ones don’t quite do the job at the top of the stairs because the kids can push them down. So it’s very important that they either screw into or attach to the wall or the railing. Also, place a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs.

Ellie Marks, Founder and Chief Editor of Simply Mumma, share what she does as a mom to ensure the safety of her children.

As a mom, I always want my children to be safe and secure even in the home. They need to stay safe at home because it’s the only place they start their lives with. I always prefer three important safety measures to protect the children from injury or accidents at home. 

The first thing is – don’t leave your child around the running water tap and cleaning products like soaps or shampoos, etc. The second is to secure your home with locked windows and doors, so the child doesn’t go outside without any older person. The third and very important thing is to have all the contact numbers of neighbors, child safety organizations, pediatricians, etc. Teach your child these numbers and make them learn them with time.

Kristina Chrissimos, CEO of Vogue Homes, lists down tips parents may follow.

Safety Rules for Children at Home: No matter how much you love and trust your children, it’s important to set some safety rules for them at home. Here are the essential safety tips to get you started: 

1. Don’t let your children play with dangerous objects like knives or sharp pencils; also, keep chemicals under lock and key. 

2. Ensure all electrical cords are hidden or secured out of reach and sight. 

3. When cooking, never leave small children alone in the kitchen. 

4. Always open doors and windows carefully; ensure all screens are secure and without holes. 

5. Don’t ever go near a fire escape with your little ones when you’re carrying anything hot like a pot of boiling water or baking dish. 

6. Keep stairs clear of toys, furniture, and other obstacles so your children can’t use them as a playground. 

7. Make sure your home is child-proof by hiding or securing all poisons, tools, weapons, and other dangerous items away from the reach of little hands that might get hurt if they were to play with them. 

8. Finally, keep in mind that even the safest home can be dangerous if you ignore potential hazards. So always be vigilant, and never take safety for granted.

Sylvie Coleman, Head of Marketing of Family Destinations Guide, had this as our final advice:

Supervise Your Kids While They Are Taking A Bath

Teaching the kids to take a bath themselves at a very young age is right; however, as a parent, it is your job to supervise them while they do so strictly. It’s not just about taking a bath but in any body of water. You know like, if you have a pool at home, it’s important to have a four-sided fence around the pool or alarms on your doors. It’s always a good idea to think ahead be very cautious because you have a kid at home. They may still slip that may cause them to bump their heads, they may slip over the pool, things like that, so it’s something that every parent should be aware of.