Sales of Personal Safety Devices Soaring as People Stock Up for Self-Defense

THE NEED FOR SELF-DEFENSE AND SELF-PROTECTION IS NOT NEW, but recent gun violence has led to a boom in sales of personal safety kits and equipment.

Axon, the manufacturer of the iconic TASER StrikeLight, has experienced a 400% spike in StrikeLight sales and a 300% increase in TASER Pulse device sales over the past few months, which business general manager Matt Angorn credits to “a boost in personal safety awareness.”

“All of our products have gained in popularity, but the TASER StrikeLight has experienced the greatest growth in sales,” says Angorn. The StrikeLight, marketed as a “self-defense flashlight baton,” combines a high-intensity, 80-lumen floodlight with the protection of a street-legal stun gun. The StrikeLight may be used as a flashlight to find your way home, or it can discharge a five-second stun pattern to repel enemies. It is small enough to fit in a purse or waist pack. The StrikeLight may also be configured to emit a loud warning sound to discourage potential attackers.

Axon also has two other personal safety products that are currently selling well: the TASER PULSE and PULSE+, which the company describes as “consumer versions of our law-enforcement products that can incapacitate an attacker for up to 30 seconds, allowing users to escape a dangerous situation without the use of lethal force.”

“We have observed an increase in interest in TASER devices due in part to the uncertainty and violence surrounding recent U.S. events,” Angorn said. More people want to keep themselves and their families safe but are unwilling to assume the responsibility for gun ownership.

Axon also offers two other personal safety products that are currently selling well: the TASER PULSE and PULSE+, which the company describes as “consumer versions of our law-enforcement products that can incapacitate an attacker for up to 30 seconds, allowing users to escape a dangerous situation without using lethal force.”

“We have witnessed a rise in interest in TASER devices as a result of uncertainty and violence in recent U.S. events,” adds Angorn. “More people are eager to protect themselves and their families, but are unwilling to assume the responsibility of gun ownership.”

Angorn argues that a stun pistol is a simple and legal method to carry protection without carrying a firearm. And unlike firearms, TASER devices are widely accessible online. “Our gadgets are designed to incapacitate an assailant without causing permanent damage, making them a viable option to lethal force,” Angorn explains.

Not only are self-defense goods gaining in popularity, but sales are also increasing at, where co-founders Quinn Fitzgerald and Sara Dickhaus de Zarraga say orders of their Flare safety bracelet have increased “over 30x” since its introduction in February, selling out three times.

Flare is a piece of jewelry that also functions as a form of emergency alarm. A secret button on the back of a fashionable bracelet or cuff links to your phone, allowing you to quietly inform authorities if you are in danger. Your phone may dial 911 immediately while transmitting your GPS position. Additionally, you may press and hold the button to SMS your friends and family. Or, press once to receive an “incoming call” that you can utilize to escape a potentially hazardous scenario.

While the increase in crime and violence has prompted more individuals to consider self-defense, Fitzgerald and Dickhaus de Zarraga assert that having the means to keep safe — and to feel comfortable — is something that people are continually seeking. “To be honest, we don’t ascribe this growth to a change or worse in our safety,” they explain; “it’s because safety is a really universal requirement that far too many people experience every day.”

“Violence rates, especially against women and underprivileged people, have stayed relatively constant. What is changed is that more individuals are discussing their perceptions of safety. It is receiving deservedly more attention,” the two add. “As survivors who think that items like ours should not exist, we are heartened by others who are coming out and taking a position.”

What Makes a Good Personal Safety Device?

Angron said, “When safety is at stake, you want the very finest quality in your hands.” It should be portable, user-friendly, and effective when needed.

The team behind Flare argues that a personal safety device is only “one tool in your safety tool belt,” which should also include a working (and fully charged) phone to call for help, a self-defense tool, and something to “help you get out or call for backup at any point in a situation, whether it’s an emergency or you’re just getting an uneasy feeling.”

What Are the Best Personal Safety Devices?

When searching online for the greatest personal safety gadgets, it is essential to seek for something that is portable, simple to use, and safe to keep. Here are three of the most popular personal safety equipment available online, as well as a site where you may attend personal safety lessons at home.

Ultimately, “safety is fundamentally personal, thus there are a multitude of actions you may take to keep yourself safe,” according to the Flare creators. Flare is used by users of all ages for a number of reasons, including anxiety, health difficulties, and the need to always feel connected.

Pepper Spray

Not only independent businesses are experiencing a rise in sales of personal safety gear. The Sabre Pepper Spray Keychain is now the most popular outdoor product on Amazon. It is advertised as a “police strength” spray used by law enforcement in New York and Chicago, among other places. The keychain has received a 4.7-star rating (out of five) from more than 80 thousand internet reviews.

The 12-ounce canister of pepper spray has a 10-foot range and up to 25 bursts to de-escalate potentially deadly situations. Sabre asserts that their spray nozzle generates a more concentrated and powerful stream to reduce wind blowback. The spray also leaves a UV-marking dye on clothes to assist law enforcement in locating and identifying your attacker.

Personal Alarm

This Sabre Personal Safety Kit includes a pepper spray keychain and a personal keychain alarm that emits a 120dB siren to discourage intruders or draw attention. According to Sabre, the siren may be heard up to 1,280 feet away. Everything is activated and deactivated at the push of a button.

Dorvus 5-in-1 Self-Defense Kit

This “all-in-one” package from Dorvus contains a personal alarm, a panic whistle, a sharp “Kubotan” tool (excellent for shattering windows), and a self-defense “stinger” – a little gadget you hold between your fingers if you need to punch or strike someone in self-defense. The package also included a “no touch tool,” which gained popularity during the epidemic as a mechanism for individuals to press elevator buttons or street crossing buttons without touching them with their fingertips.

According to the manufacturer, the “Stinger” is composed of “almost indestructible” nylon plastic, whilst the “Kubotan” is constructed of solid metal. This kit includes a convenient storage box (great for gifting too). Individually, each self-defense gadget is small enough to conceal in a pocket or purse.

iWALK Mini Portable Charger

Your phone is perhaps your most important personal safety equipment since it allows you to call for assistance, capture a photo (or video) of your assailant or situation, and locate your way home with its built-in GPS and flashlight.

This lipstick-sized charger from iWALK will guarantee that your phone never runs out of battery. With a weight of fewer than 78 grams, it fits effortlessly in your pockets without weighing you down, and its 3350mAh battery is strong enough to charge an iPhone 8 about 1.5 times or an iPhone X approximately once.

Udemy Self-Defense Courses

Want to learn self-defense techniques without leaving your home? offers a variety of online self-defense courses that cover everything from physical training and de-escalation tactics to verbal self-defense, mental attitude, and outdoor survival strategies (if necessary). There are also simple self-defense courses for children.

The prices for self-defense classes on Udemy begin at $13.99. You may view the instructional videos at your own speed and schedule, and you can also download course materials to continue your education offline.

At the end of the day, personal safety businesses claim that their company may be thriving, but their ultimate goal is to cease manufacturing and selling these goods altogether. Fitzgerald and Dickhaus de Zarraga explain, “With Flare, we intended to provide an effective, practical tool, not a solution, that would give individuals more alternatives to take action early in times of uncertainty.” “[However], Flare’s objective is straightforward: to put ourselves out of business and create a society in which safety solutions like Flare are no longer required.”