Simple Summer Safety Tips For Children

Summertime is the long-awaited time for everyone; it means a break from school and, of course- fun and games. Unfortunately, it is also the time when kids are more prone to accidents. With energetic kids at home, playing, swimming, family cookouts, and many other outdoor activities, the risks of something going wrong increase significantly. It’s not uncommon for accidents to occur, not to mention dehydration and sunburn.

However, with vigilance and some good planning, the worst of it can be avoided, and things can go relatively smoothly. It seems like a good time to understand and implement some safety tips to keep your kids out of trouble this summer.

Survey the Playground

“Summertime means a fun time for children, but sometimes, fun time leads to accidents when safety is not carefully paid attention to. To minimize the risks of injuries in playgrounds, make sure to read the signs and use the equipment that is just right for the age of your children. Check if there is anything in the playground that can cause children to trip or fall, like rocks or tree stumps.” (Lynda Le)

Check Your Wiring

“When at home, parents must pay careful attention to following fire prevention tips, especially in the summertime is when fire incidents usually happen. Have your wirings checked, and make sure children won’t play anywhere near electrical appliances.”

Lynda Le, entrepreneur mom and Nail Technician and Founder of Polish Perfect

“Summer again, and I can’t emphasize enough that it is indeed a season where kids are vulnerable to injuries and other health threats. Summer is the usual time for families to go on vacation and have some fun. It could be on a  beach, or camping site, or somewhere that offers great adventures. They have extended time to explore, play, and discover the wonders of life. In my years of experience outdoors, I’ve seen accidents that family could have avoided if those little details were not ignored and immediately dismissed;

Educate Children on Safety

“But moving forward now, here are a few tips I would like to share: First, this may sound repetitive, but it must be practiced and done. Parents should educate their children. It means constantly reminding them of ways to identify threats or anticipate them. It is also great to teach them young with basic first aid.” (Matt McKnight)

Never Leave a Child Unattended

“Second, never let a child be alone. Some kids may appear that they can manage, but we should keep the mindset that they are still young and need adult supervision.” (Matt McKnight)

Train Them to Seek Help

“And lastly, train them in utilizing tools or technology to seek help in times of trouble. Learning a few tricks could help a lot. One good example is teaching them to whistle signals while in a camp – so in case they get lost, that could help the rescuers locate them.”

Matt McKnight, Founder and Editor of Humber Sport

Keep A Close Eye On Them While In The Pool

“You’ll be surprised at how some parents or guardians can be careless about supervising their kids while in the swimming pool. Either they’re on their phones or their attention is elsewhere. Keep your eyes on your kids while they’re in the pool because anything can happen in a snap. (Jack Miller)

Have Your Kids Take Water Breaks While Playing Outside

“Many children, unfortunately, fall victim to heat exhaustion. If they’re playing outside, be sure they make them take constant water breaks and have them wear lightweight clothing.” (Jack Miller)

Equip Them With The Necessary Protective Gear When Riding Bikes

“According to statistics, around 100 children are killed and 254,000 are injured from bike-related accidents. Don’t be part of those numbers. Equip them with protective gear like helmets. If you’re with younger kids, be sure to supervise them during their rides and have them do it in a non-busy street.”

Jack Miller is the founder of How I Get Rid Of

“If you would ask any child what their favorite season is, they will for sure say it’s summer. During summer, kids have the freedom to do different non-school-related activities which they will surely enjoy. However, fun and excitement are often accompanied by accidents and injury. Being a parent myself, I don’t want to be a hindrance to their excitement, but at the same time, I wouldn’t want them to be hurt by accidents and injuries. To help parents with the same struggle, here’s what I do:

Install a CCTV

“It will help you see your kids whenever and wherever you go. I work at home most of the time and am overly occupied with the tons of work I have. The CCTV has given me peace of mind because I can see my kids most of the time without affecting my work schedule.”

Add A Double Door Lock

“It’s an added security, and you will be assured that they will not be able to go out of the house or their rooms.”

Jaya Aiyar, Founder & CEO at Créatif and Créatif Franchise

Protection From the Heat

“Summertime means more of staying indoors and more of accidents. And children are the ones who are most accident-prone. Since I have been parenting my niece for quite some time now, here are some tips that I’ve learned in the process; Like you must always supervise your kids when they are around water and ensure that your kids stay hydrated to prevent heat strokes.

Further, I ensure that she is dressed in light-colored skin covering clothes to protect her from harmful UV rays. Other than that, I also make sure she is always carrying a water bottle with her, irrespective of where she is stepping out. I have also taught her some tricks to avoid heat while on roads – like walking through the shaded areas or taking a small break when she is sweating a lot.”

Sara Cemin, Founder & Editor at

Wear Protective Gear

“Skinned knees and elbows are a part of growing up, but implementing child safety precautions can help prevent more serious accidents, particularly head and neck injuries. Always keep an eye on children on playground equipment and cover the area with several inches of soft, shock-absorbing material, such as gravel, wood chips, or rubber mulch. When riding tricycles or scooters, children should wear helmets and appropriate footwear. Even the most diligent parent will not be able to prevent every spill or bump, but close supervision is still the greatest method to decrease the chance of major accidents.”

Bertie Cowan, Founder- Effortless Outdoors