The Best and the Safest States to Live in 2022

The best places to live in are undoubtedly the most affordable, the safest and which can provide the best quality of life in general. So which states do the real estate experts recommend? Consulting them, we got a list of the top states to live in this year;

If we base it on the low violent crime rank and low property crime rank, perhaps the top states that I can think of are Maine, Idaho, and New Hampshire. But as a realtor, I gather the results from Bankrate, and tally the best states for retirement and at the same time have a low crime rate and offer a high-security level.

I recommend the following states:

  1. Wyoming

Wyoming has an overall rank of 6 and has a crime rank of 7. In the past 3 years, crime rates in Wyoming have remained under average. You can check out Worland and Torrington, as they flagged the safest cities in Wyoming. 

  1. New Jersey

New Jersey has a crime rank of 3 and is in the top 18 best states to retire. In terms of health care and education, New Jersey has high to offer. You can safely visit New Jersey, especially River Vale and Sparta.  

  1. Rhode Island

Lastly, Rhode Island has a crime rank of 7 and is the top 22 best states to retire. Rhode Island remained one of the lowest crime rates in the country. Aside from this, this state has good access to health care. You can visit Bristol and South Kingston as their top safest cities. 

From the list above, even if those states are at the top, being secure and safe usually starts from you. If you are always ready and have precautionary measures in any events around you, then you can confidently feel safe.

Dino DiNenna, Realtor & Owner Southern Lifestyle Properties; Hilton Head Real Estate

  1. Michigan, Illinois, Utah, Ohio and Maryland

When looking at the safety of a location, most people focus on crime rates. However, don’t forget to also factor in natural disaster risk. With climate change, increasingly more places are at-risk. From increased home insurance premiums to disaster cleanup, the costs of living in one of these areas can be huge. 

Most states do not require real estate agents or sellers to disclose to buyers whether the home is in a hazard area or even if the home has already undergone damage from a disaster. You’ll want to do your own research about the area’s risk of flood, hurricanes, wildfire, earthquake, tornado and drought. You can also order a Natural Hazards Disclosure (NHD) report, which will usually cost around $70 to $100. It’s a small price to pay for your future safety.

States with a low natural disaster risk include Michigan, Illinois, Utah, Ohio and Maryland. Maine and New Hampshire are also quite safe from natural disasters, though they often have winter storms.

Diane Vukovic, a disaster preparedness expert who writes for Primal Survivor 

When choosing to relocate to a new and unfamiliar place, you will look at affordability, safety, and quality of life. I think some of the best states for living peacefully are in the Upper Midwest and Northeast regions of the nation. 

  1. Wisconsin

Wisconsin is a beautiful state, whether you’re south in Madison or up north on Lake Superior, the crime rates are constantly low and the cost of living is affordable for the average American. 

  1. Maine and Some Areas of Massachusetts

Similarly, Maine and certain areas of Massachusetts can be extremely affordable while also providing a harmonious quality of life. It’s all about weighing the pros and cons of a new place, and visiting the property/area prior to moving! 

Leonard Ang, CEO of iPropertyManagement 

  1. Idaho

There are different matrices for choosing the best place to live in, which include: Cost, quality of living, safety, education, health facilities and many more. When we come to these features, different states show different specialties. However, considering the affordability, quality of life, and safety; the best state to live in America would be Idaho.  

The best thing about living in Idaho is that it is one of the safest states in America. In this state, both the violent crime rate and the national crime rate are quite low. The violent crime rate is only 0.27% compared to the national average of 0.45%, and the property crime rate is also 2.13% only. 

Besides the peace and safety of the state, you will just love the tight-knit community, better job opportunities, and easier access to the outdoors. Surprisingly, after all this, the state would cost you a much lower cost of living! The city is a great place for creatives as it promotes affordability and an entrepreneurial spirit. The tech scenario is growing fast too, as a lot of young talents from around the country are flocking to this city. 

To summarize, if you are looking for a work-life balance along with some fresh air and adventure, Boise might just be the right place for you to live in! 

Dawn Templeton, Owner & Real Estate Broker Templeton Real Estate Group

  1. Utah, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maryland, Colorado, Washington, Virginia, New Jersey

Some of the best states to live in the US are- Utah, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maryland, Colorado, Washington, Virginia, New Jersey, etc.

These states are recommended because of the following factors.

  • Population density: Some of these states are denser in population, which means they will probably have more people around their area. So those looking for open spaces should keep this in their mind. 
  • Median income: The higher-income people have in the state, the better life they live. Some of the higher-ranking states have fewer taxes. 
  • Lower crime rate: No one likes to live in states where the crime rate is high. So you can definitely prefer these states because you won’t find much crime here. 

Hilda Wong, Founder Content Dog