Why Use A Self Monitored Home Security System


A self-monitored home security system offers a wide array of benefits. It offers full security at a very low monthly fee. Do you want to know the benefits of a home security system? Let’s take a look below.

No or low monthly fees

You can self-monitor your system without paying an expensive fee if you want. Nest, Abode, and Wyze all offer one-time equipment fees for their products, but there are some that require more commitment, like financing or a monitoring charge.

Some require a minimal level of commitment like financing or a self-monitoring fee. Scout, for example, charges $10 per month with its Always On a plan that basically covers the app and has 8GB storage space so you can review up to two hours worth before it overwrites older videos if needed again

No middleman

Self-monitored systems empower homeowners with peace of mind. They cut out the need for middlemen and allow you, as a homeowner, to take control in an emergency situation on your own terms without any interference from professionals or nonessential contacts.

No false alarm penalties

In some cities, a false alarm from your home’s security system can come with hefty fines. The best self-monitored systems allow you to screen the situation before calling first responders and avoid tickets or other penalties in most cases!

Easy portability

A self-monitored home security system is the perfect solution for renters. It’s easy to move from place to place, and it doesn’t require constant monitoring by an organization that may not even be aware of where you live anymore! The small size makes these systems great in apartments or condos. They won’t take up much space on your floor plan when larger options are available otherwise.

Flexible configuration

If you change your mind about cancelling or upgrading your security system, it’s much easier to do so without having an altogether high-pressure sales rep on the phone. Plus, there are no contracts with self-monitored home security plans!

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