Why You Should Consider A Home Drone Security System

You may have heard that with today’s rapid digitalization, the risk of cybercrimes increased dramatically. Yet this isn’t the only risk involved — your home may be vulnerable as well. One thing you need to be wary of is your activity on social media. You never know who exactly sees your posts. Sharing real-time updates of yourself at work, on vacation, or even being anywhere near your house helps burglars pinpoint exactly where you live, when you’ll be gone — and thus when it’s best to break in.

Even without factoring in social media, homes in rural areas are also vulnerable to robberies. You’re far away from urban centers and might lack the security provided by local officers. Maybe your property is vast and difficult to monitor on your own or with traditional home security systems?

This is where drones come in. Drones are great for photography and they are being used by the military because they can capture crisp 360-degree camera footage. That’s why a drone security system may be just the thing you need to keep your home safe. Here’s more on why you should consider it.

Crisp Images

Security cameras are a vital investment that you can make to improve the safety of your home. Yet despite this, regular CCTV cameras produce grainy images. If a burglar enters your home, this may make it hard to identify them. Drone cameras use sensors that play a major role in image clarity. This allows for better-quality surveillance and increases your likelihood of getting a real-time response from the authorities.

Enhanced Flexibility

Security drones offer major advantages over traditional surveillance systems in multiple ways. Flight capabilities allow them a wider range of motion and better coverage of your property. Home drone systems that are currently available on the market like Ring’s Always Home use sensors to track any movement around your home. Security drone engines are also built to emit low noise — allowing them to stealthily track intruders after they leave.

Autonomous Features

Though many drones allow for remote control and access to real-time video, some security drones can also operate autonomously. Take Amazon’s Ring system, which allows you to pre-program the paths you want it to take. Drone flight can also be triggered in response to an accompanying alarm system. Security drones can also fly themselves back to the charging dock when needed. This makes it perfect to use at night or when you’re away from home.

Better Value

Sunflower Labs shocked the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show with the world’s first-ever autonomous residential security drone. However, it debuted at almost $10,000 — and not everyone can afford that lofty price tag. Fortunately, other brands are starting to release cheaper models. For example, you can get the Ring system discussed above for $250. And if you’re really on a budget, you can simply take any durable drone with long battery life and equip it with a night-vision camera.

We’ve previously discussed some general safety tips for when you’re away from home, like using smart thermostats and not publicly indicating that you’re on vacation. Another tip is to invest in a good home security system — and you should consider using drones to take your own systems to a whole new level.