Best Home Security Technologies List

Home security systems are not made equal, and it’s definitely going to be worth the investment if you spend time and effort sifting through the market for the one that fits your home best.

In preparing this list, we reviewed literally dozens of home security technologies. We based our ranking on several factors, like system features, value for cash, and trustworthiness of the manufacturer according to real reviews from end-users.

If you select your home security system from this list, you can be sure that you’ll buy one of the best options available today.

1. Ring Floodlight Camera

Floodlight Cam is a motion-activated security technology that puts HD video automated recording and a powerful alarm in your hands. A 140-degree high definition camera detects motion and captures video with two-way talk, and two high-beam LED smart lights illuminate every corner of your home for optimal video quality.

You can customize rings and advanced motion detection, so you only get notified when it matters. The camera is available in weatherproof finishes so you can install them outdoors. The Ring Floodlight Camera is easy to install in any home and is capable of integrating with a variety of smart technologies. It can be programmed to detect faces and objects, as well as sync with your other ring cameras to create a circle of security around your home, day or night.

2. Arlo Pro 2

Arlo Smart Home Security products protect your home with wire-free HD, weatherproof cameras. Arlo Pro 2 cameras monitor and record video in 1080p resolution, allowing you to zoom into your footage and examine the faces caught on them with more detail.

With its extra-long battery life, you can use Arlo Pro 2  wire-free cameras indoors and outdoors. The Arlo solar panel is a great extra feature for your outdoor cameras. When positioned outside, the Arlo Pro 2 detects motion by using the look-back feature when plugged in; it’s capable of capturing video from moments even before motion is detected.

You’ll get notifications about any activity directly on your phone. Footage is uploaded to the cloud for free so you can view your recordings even when not at home.

The cloud service is free, but you can subscribe to the Arlo CVR paid plan for extra control. Arlo Pro 2 is also compatible with Amazon Alexa devices. Using your voice, you can ask Alexa to play a live stream of your footage in real-time.

3. Nest Cam Outdoor Security

Most security cams are used for spotting burglars once they’ve entered your property, but the Nest Cam Outdoor Security system was designed to catch them before they even step foot inside.

Weatherproof and plugged into your power system, the Nest Cam is functional 24/7, rain or shine, night or day. The smart system allows it to distinguish a person from a pet or vehicle. It’s programmed to send an alert when someone approaches your property, and lets you talk back over the system to the person entering.

4. Guardline Home Security

The Guardline Home Security system consists of a sophisticated motion alert system that can tell whether a person or a car is pulling into your property. For all its smart features, setup is surprisingly simple. Install the batteries, hook up to the receiver, and position the sensor anywhere you want eyes on your property. More than just protection from intruders, Guardline can also inform you of when you’ve got company, when the mailman is arriving, or when your kids and pets are wandering into areas they’re not supposed to enter.

The system is fully expandable – add up to 16 sensors in different areas of your home, within a range of up to a quarter-mile. Each sensor can be customised with a unique melody (30 options in all) so you know which one is going off. You can also control volume, so you can set notifications louder for more distant sensors and softer for nearer ones.

5. Lifeshield Smart Home Security

Lifeshield melds broadband internet, cellular network, cellular text, and a landline phone to deliver unbeatable home security reliability. Lifeshield gives your home four layers of protection: even if the Internet goes down, your phones go out, the power gets cut, or the system keypad is destroyed, the security system will still cover you. That’s because the brains of your Lifeshield system are not reliant on these measures and are safely hidden deep inside your home.

The whole Lifeshield system is designed to give you advanced protection that no one else can. Broadband-connected systems automatically contacts the authorities, reducing call times and getting help much faster to you when you need it most. Fire safety sensors picks up the sound of your existing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and calls the fire department, whether you’re home or not.

Every Lifeshield owner also gets the mobile app for free. The app gives you access to your system from anywhere. It allows you to arm, disarm and access your video footage even if you’re not at home. Given all these features, it’s safe to say Lifeshield delivers total home security and irreplaceable peace of mind at an unbeatable value.

6. SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security

Simplisafe has created a wireless home security system that works night duty as well as day shifts.

The Simplisafe system is built with revolutionary failsafes against power outages, Wi-Fi and landline disconnections, and battering from hammers or similar trauma. The system consists of a full-scale arsenal of cameras and sensors to give you eyes on your entire property. The sensors themselves are so tiny; they’re designed to camouflage perfectly into your home environment and be invisible to intruders, while still being smart enough to detect between who’s a burglar and who’s a visitor.