Home Security Gadgets: A Buyers Guide

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Keeping our home safe is of paramount importance. Break-ins are not just about the material objects that you’ve lost, but more importantly the physical danger to your person and emotional trauma of having your safe space violated. It’s important to prevent break-ins from happening in the first place. To keep your home safe, here is a buyers’ guide of home security gadgets that you may want to check out. 


Kuna is a 1080p, full-colour night-vision Wi-Fi camera plus intercom system disguised as a tasteful outdoor light fixture. It detects intruders and alerts the homeowner so you can see and talk to them via smartphone.

Most burglaries are crimes of opportunity. The burglars knock on your door to see if your home, and when they realize you’re not home, they will attempt to enter your home. Alerting burglars to your presence is a significant way to prevent them from trying further, and Kuna allows you to do so. You can stop burglars by talking to them or setting off Kuna’s alarm.

Making your home safe takes some effort, but it shouldn’t be a pain. Other security systems require you to rearrange wiring, drill holes, and shift items around in your home. That takes a lot of work! Making this process easier is the reason why Kuna was built into an innocuous outdoor light fixture. You can put Kuna anywhere: by the front door, the back door, or even the garage to watch you as you wash your car. Just replace and use the existing wiring of your old light fixture. Connect Kuna to Wi-Fi, and you’re done!

You can control your device with the Kuna app. You can turn your light on, turn it off, set a schedule, or just let it turn on automatically when it gets dark or whenever there’s a person. Kuna ignores trees and animals and recognizes people’s behaviors. You can tell Kuna to alert you only for visitors waiting at the door, and it will learn and get smarter over time.


Scout represents a brand-new, personalized approach to Home Security. Scout costs hundreds of dollars less, doesn’t require a monthly contract, and has the latest in-home security technology. 

Scout connects wirelessly to your computer, smartphone, and other devices, allowing you to customize your response to a break-in. It can turn on lights, open the garage door, or call the police. A system can consist of one unit or ten, or more. There are no packages or rules dictating how you can use your Scout. The system is even transferable from house to house.

On top of all that, Scout has a modern and sleek design with customizable finishes. Instead of your security cameras being an eyesore in every room, you’ll have a security system that can pass for a conversation piece!


SkyBell is a smart video doorbell that allows you to monitor who’s at your door from a smartphone from anywhere, at any time.

When a visitor rings the bell, SkyBell broadcasts a live video feed to your smartphone so you can identify and talk to the person outside your door. It features a 1080p, full-color night-vision camera, so you can see your visitor’s face in high-definition video whether it’s day or night. A motion sensor also alerts you when someone is at the door, even if they haven’t rung the bell.