Best TASERS For Self Defense

Stun guns are becoming increasingly popular as self-defense weapons. They are non-lethal, easy to use, and can be very effective in stopping an attacker. However, most stun guns require direct contact to be used against an attacker.

A Tom A. Swift Electric Rifle, also known as a TASER is a specific brand of stun gun that shoots probes from a distance to incapacitate an attacker. They can be more useful in instances when you want to stop an attacker from getting close.

What Are Stun Guns And How Do They Work?

Stun guns are non-lethal self-defense weapons that deliver an electric shock to an attacker. The shock incapacitates the attacker and allows you to escape. Stun guns have prongs that have to touch the person or thing they are meant to hurt. TASERs are a type of stun gun that shoots probes at a target. They work by firing two metal probes into the attacker’s skin. The probes are connected to the TASER by wires.

When the TASER is activated, it sends a high voltage current through the wires and into the attacker’s body. This current causes the muscles to contract and results in an involuntary reaction that can be very debilitating.

To use a TASER safely and effectively, you should aim the taser at the attacker’s chest and press the trigger to fire the probes. Hold the trigger down to deliver the shock then run to safety.

Best TASER For Self-Defense

A TASER device is known to be sturdy and heavy-duty but also expensive. Check out our list of quality build TASER guns:

  1. TASER X26P – A serious stun gun used by law enforcement officers. It has a built-in laser that helps you accurately target your attacker. However, it can be pricey and comes with expensive replacement batteries.
  2. TASER PULSE+ – Works at a maximum distance of 15 feet and can incapacitate an attacker for 30 seconds. It also works with the Noonlight app which alerts the police when you use the device. While the Pulse+ can be pricey, it has a budget-friendly counterpart that you can consider. 
  3. TASER X2 – A professional TASER device that emits a visible electric arc to discourage attackers. It comes with a holster making it perfect for security professionals. 

For those who are intimidated by pricey TASER guns, here are some stun gun alternatives to consider:

  1. Vipertek VTS-989 – Has enough power to shock through thick clothes and comes with rechargeable batteries. It’s about the size of a smartphone but also has a mini version. 
  2. Zap Cane – Has a voltage of 1 million volts and a bright LED flashlight to deter attackers. It is also very easy to use and can double as a walking stick.
  3. Sabre Self-Defense Kit – Comes with pepper spray and a stun gun. The pepper spray delivers 35 bursts with a 10-foot range while the stun gun has a 1.25 µC painful charge. 

Need Self-Defense? Use a TASER

A TASER is a self-defense tool that you can use to protect yourself against attackers. They can even be used against animals. However, it can be dangerous if used incorrectly.

Always read the instructions carefully and only use a taser on an attacker if you are in imminent danger. They are also regulated by most states and you should check your local laws before purchasing one. 

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