Best Vaultek Gun Safes

If you’re a gun owner, it’s important to ask yourself, how safe is your gun safe? In 2020, 45,000 Americans died from gunshot wounds, which has caused gun owners to become increasingly concerned about their safety. Owning guns is a big responsibility and you must store them safely when not in use. 

Gun safes protect firearms from being accidentally used by unauthorized persons. They come in various shapes and sizes and range from simple gun safes to full-blown security devices. Some are designed for home use, while others are meant for commercial applications.

Vaultek is one of the best gun safes available on the market. It’s suitable for most personal handguns and can safely keep plenty of items such as ammunition and other sensitive items. It has modern security features like biometric lock options, RFID lock,  and keypad lock. It can also be accessed via an app in case you need a quick-access gun lock.   

The Best Vaultek Gun Safe In 2022

Vaultek has various gun safes you can choose from. The brand features a variety of designs including compacts with a slim profile and bulky ones that store a lot of firearms. Here are our top picks:

1. Vaultek VT Full-size Bluetooth Smart Pistol Safe

Vaultek VT Full-size Bluetooth Smart Pistol Safe

This is an ideal choice that offers a compact handgun safe that can hold two regular pistols including a few magazines and other small valuables. It comes with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and weighs 16 pounds. There are multiple ways to access the safe including Bluetooth access via a mobile app. For an extra price, you can get the NanoKey version which has a mountable remote control that lets you unlock the safe remotely.

2. Vaultek 20 Series Full-size Handgun Bluetooth Safe

Vaultek 20 Series Full-size Handgun Bluetooth Safe

At 7.2 pounds, this is smaller than the VT series and can fit one handgun. There are fewer access methods available but the security features are still enough to protect your pistol. It is compact and budget-friendly making it perfect for first-time gun owners.

3. Vaultek Lifepods Waterproof Travel And Hand Gun Case

Vaultek Lifepods Waterproof Travel And Hand Gun Case

As a portable pistol lock box, the Lifepod Series comes in 3 sizes to fit not just pistols but also any valuable item.

Despite the size, it’s light at 2.3 pounds making it perfect for those always on the go and needs a safe place to store their weapons. It comes with a built-in electronic locking system with a rechargeable 9V battery.

4. Vaultek MX Series Wi-Fi and Biometric Hand Gun Safe

Vaultek MX Series Wi-Fi and Biometric Hand Gun Safe

For those looking to store more pistols or some sensitive documents, the MX Series is the best option for you. It can fit up to eight pistols and other nifty valuables.

It’s heavy and non-portable so you need to keep it in a secured spot at home.  It features the same electronic locks available in other Vaultek gun safes.

5. Vaultek Slider Series Wi-Fi Pistol Safe

Vaultek Slider Series Wi-Fi Pistol Safe

If you are looking for a safe that can hold a handy pistol but is space-saving with a small footprint, the Vaultek Slider is a good choice to consider. This gun safe allows you to safely store five rifles along with several pistols and magazines. For those who want to keep their guns discreetly in their homes, this gun safe is a must-have. 

Finding The Best Gun Safe 

Aside from Vaultek, there are other gun-safe brands that offer high-quality storage for your firearms. When looking for the best gun safe, always consider the material and construction. It must be sturdy and not prone to brute attacks. 

Upkeep and maintenance should also be a priority, as well as the battery life of a gun safe. If you prefer a quick-access pistol safe, or a discreet gun safe to keep in your home office, then accessibility is another factor to keep in mind.

Check the locking mechanism and ensure it won’t be easily hacked. Finally, buy within your budget but also don’t scrimp. When it comes to safety, peace of mind has no price. 

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