How Do DIY Home Security Systems Work

How does a security system work?

DIY Home security systems work on the basic concept of securing entry points into your home with sensors that communicate and send signals to a control panel or command center installed in one convenient location.

Sensors can be placed indoors that lead to and from a house and easily accessible windows. These areas are typically where burglars will go, so it’s important for these locations to have motion detection sensors installed on them!

Control Panel: 

The control panel is basically the computer that arms and disarms your security system communicates with each installed component, rings the alarm when security is breached, and communicates with the alarm company.

This typically has a keypad where you can enter the passcode in order to arm or disarm the system. It can also be programmed to work with wireless key fobs.

Window and Door Sensors: 

Window and door sensors are comprised of two parts installed adjacent to each other. One part is placed on the door or frame while another rests against it on the frame in order for them both to work properly together as an electrical circuit.

When the security system is armed at the control panel, the sensors communicate with it simply by reporting that the point of entry has been properly secured. When a monitored window or door suddenly opens while this feature has been enabled for your convenience, broken circuit breakers give off high decibel alarms, which are sounded immediately upon detection. In most instances, an alarm monitoring company is alerted as well, so no worries there!

Surveillance Cameras: 

Surveillance cameras are available in wired and also wireless configurations. They can be used in so many ways being a part of the security system.

High-decibel Alarm:

Security alarms in the home are there for so many purposes, like alerting you when something goes wrong or raising a fuss if someone’s trying to break into your house. They’re also loud enough that neighboring homes can hear what’s going on at any given time!

Yard Sign and Window Stickers:

When you install a security company’s sticker on your window or wall, it beware the burglar that the home is highly protected, and it is not a wise choice to attempt burglary.

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