How Effective Are Home Alarm Systems

 When it comes to crime, the latest data highlight some encouraging trends. Burglaries across America have decreased, and home security systems are playing an important role in helping deter this type of criminal activity! According to FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Program 2018 statistics, there was an 11% decrease from 2017’s figures as well as 44%.

Burglary has seen an alarming decrease, with only 1 out of 10 burglaries categorized as “the unlawful entry into a structure to commit felony or theft.” The UCR reports that there is an estimated number close to 230,149 during the year – still not enough for those who have become victims in their own homes!

Let’s take a look at some notable highlights:

  • Burglaries accounted for 17.1% of the estimated property crimes.
  • By subcategory, 56.7% of burglaries have involved forced entry.
  • Victims of burglary offenses suffered almost an estimate of $3.4 billion in loss of property.
  • “The average dollar loss on one burglary offense was almost $2,799.”
  • Burglaries of residential properties have accounted for almost 65.5% of all burglary offenses.

Are Home Security Systems Effective? 

Dr. Joseph B. Kuhns of the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology at the University of North Carolina conducted a study in which he examined what methods they use for burglary and what motivates them.

The majority of incarcerated burglars consider home security equipment, such as alarms and outdoor cameras, when deciding on a potential target.

  • Around 83% would try to find out whether the home has a security alarm before attempting a burglary.
  • Almost 60% said that if an alarm is detected, they will seek out an alternative target.

When criminals found an alarm during a burglary, they were more likely to beat a hasty retreat (31%) than if there was no security system at all. In fact, only 13% of them would always keep going after finding out about it and discovering how much trouble these alarms can cause for their criminal enterprise!

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