Secure Your Home Without Breaking Your Bank

The police say that the peak season for home break-ins is during summer—June, July, and August. And it makes sense, right? Most people are away on vacation and the burglars know it. According to the FBI, a burglary occurs every 20 seconds.

Don’t worry because, in this article, we will talk about everyday products that you can get. There are ways to secure your home that are easy on the pocket. You can get these products online or at any home improvement store.

Lock Pins

You might think that a locked sliding door is secure, but thieves can easily jimmy the lock to break in. You can avoid this by getting a lock pin, which usually sells at $3.

It’s easy to install: Just drill three holes, follow the instructions and put the locking pin all the way through and that should keep your sliding door secure.

Strike Plates

Another possible point of intrusion is the back door. Even if the deadbolt is engaged, all it will take for a thief to break in is a strong, hard kick. This where strike plates come in. Strike plates slide right into any doorframe and it gives more security to it. So no matter how powerful the kick is, the door won’t budge. Remember that the last thing the burglars want is to draw attention to themselves.

Security Films

According to the police, one of the vulnerable parts of the house is the window. If the burglar has a hammer, they can easily smash right through it and enter your home.

With a security film, you can prevent this from happening. You can buy it for around $35 and it is easy to install. Just cut the film the size of your window and stick it inside and outside of your windows. Its purpose is to keep your windows together even if a burglar breaks the glass.

Keep in mind that burglars don’t want to attract attention and spend too much time while attempting to break-in. With these inexpensive items, you can protect your house without breaking your budget.