Security Checklist: 11 Simple Steps To Securing Your House

With the high rate of burglaries occurring each day, it is imperative to ensure you’re doing your best to deter them. That would include making sure your house doesn’t appear as an ‘easy’ or vulnerable target.

We talked with experts to assemble a comprehensive checklist that will help you secure your house and make sure you are covering all your bases.

“Home security doesn’t have to be expensive. You can keep your home safe from intruders through simple but very effective steps. Here are some simple and inexpensive yet highly functional ways to do this: 

1. Use Motion-sensing Lights Outside

“Never underestimate the power of motion-sensing lights. They can startle an intruder and cause them to flee in a panic. You can either go with bulbs or detection adapters, as long as they put the spotlight on anyone who shouldn’t be on your property.” (Jack Miller)

2. Be Friends With Your Neighbors

“It pays to establish a genuine relationship with your neighbors. Not only do you have a new set of friends, but you also have people to rely on in case your house becomes under threat. If they happen to see anything suspicious, whether you’re in the house or not, they can either alert you or the authorities. It’s like having extra reliable security cameras and alarms around your home.” (Jack Miller)

3. Reinforce Your Home’s Entrances

“It’s not enough to rely on the built-in lock of your front door. You’d also want a strike plate in there and screws that measure at least ¾ inches. For sliding doors, place either an added auxiliary foot lock, but jamming a dowel in its tracks will work just fine.” 

Jack Miller is the founder of How I Get Rid Of, an expert in home improvement and pest control.

“There is no 100% preventative method to keep unwelcome intruders out of your property. However, you can initiate preventive security measures to make it all too hard for them and they move on to an easier target.  This can go a long way in protecting your family and home.

4. Secure Doors and Windows

“Make sure to keep them locked when you’re away.” (Craig Brown)

5. Security Systems

“Install a home automation security system, such as security cameras and alarm systems to get real-time alerts of any suspicious activities going on in your house.” (Craig Brown)

6. External Lighting Is A Great Deterrent

“You can also consider installing motion sensors. These smart devices can help detect changes of movement, temperature, light, and sound.” (Craig Brown)

7. Don’t Let Your House Look Deserted

“When you are away on vacation to give your home the impression that it is still occupied.  Consider items such as – cancel newspapers and other deliveries, ask a neighbor to clear your mailbox, consider a smart lighting solution where lights can turn on and off in the home when you are not there.”

And Again.. Know Your Neighbours!

“Not only can you make lifelong friendships, you can watch each other’s back if you observe any suspicious activity.  Consider joining local neighborhood watch schemes run by your local police.”

Craig Brown, HIREtrades: Hire a Tradie Today

8. Change Locks When You Lose a Key and When Moving Into a New Place

“The need for top-notch security at home is obvious. You and your loved ones spend a great deal of time there, and your valuable possessions are there regardless of whether you’re home or not. When something or someone is important, you do what you can to provide protection. Whether you’ve lost a key or you just bought the place, changing the locks needs to be a top priority. This ensures no one has access to your home unless you want them to have access. 

“You never know who or how many people the previous owners might have given a key to but never asked for it back, so make sure you install new door knobs, handlesets, and deadbolts as soon as possible once you move in. You should also make sure all exterior doors have a deadbolt. It’s one thing to lock the handle or knob, but a deadbolt will offer you much more security. They’re designed to be a physical security feature in the face of attempted forced entry.”

Richard Schoech, Owner of Door Locks Direct

9. Install Adequate Lighting

“Intruders and other outside threats will find it difficult to plot an assault if your home is well-lit. For starters, if your home lacks dark spots where they may temporarily hide, they will be discouraged from ever attempting to do so. Second, a well-lit residence implies you’ll be able to notice whether there’s anyone or anything unusual in your immediate surroundings. Finally, lights allow people on the outside to see what is going on inside your home, allowing them to call for help if necessary.” (Kris Lippi)

10. Invest In Glass Break Sensors

“Glass break sensors monitor sound and vibrations which the act of someone breaking glass produces. They sound an alarm once the proper conditions are met, alerting you immediately should someone attempt a break-in by shattering glass in either your windows or your doors.”

Kris Lippi, Real Estate Broker CEO ISoldMyHouse

11. Keep Your Locks Up To Date At All Times

“Conduct regular inspections of the locks in your home. Look for broken locks and if there are outside locks that are easy to pick or break. If you come across locks that fulfill those requirements, make sure to replace them right away. Along with your locks, it’s also a good idea to strengthen your doors and windows. If you discover that parts of your external doors are thin or damaged, consider replacing them or installing additional reinforcements such as a door barrier or a security bar. Consider also installing locks to your windows to secure your house further.”

David Bitton, Co-founder & CMO DoorLoop