Who Offers The Best Home Security System

Are you looking for the best companies offering security systems? You are at the right place. In this blog post, we are going to name some of the best brands offering good-quality home security systems. Let’s take a look at them:


ADT is a home security company that has been protecting homes for nearly 145 years. Eight million people across the globe rely on their expertise and experience to keep them safe from intruders in your neighborhood.

ADT’s nine professional monitoring centers are impressive. The system is designed to transfer your protection if one of their facilities goes down due to a power outage or natural disaster like Hurricane Harvey, which hit Houston last August. This means that you can rely on ADT even when Mother Nature does her worst!

The security company has 24/7 coverage with at least nine stations in operation all the time- no matter what happens elsewhere.


Cove, a home security company with affordable monthly plans and no contract requirements, is coming through for its customers. Cove has thousands of satisfied users who give it high ratings on Amazon and Best Buy, which should indicate that the service isn’t one to be missed out on. Furthermore, if you decide to cancel your plan during or after your three-year agreement period without incurring harsh penalties from other companies such as ADT.

Blue by ADT

ADT’s new release Blue allows you to have an ADT security system without needing any installation or a contract. With smart cameras, self-monitoring features, and free mobile app access, this is the perfect option for those looking for cheap but reliable home security. The only downsides are bulky equipment size which might not fit in all spaces easily as well as glitchy app performance at times.”


Abode is an outstanding home security system that gives homeowners the option of a traditional or sleek all-in-one Abode Iota hub.

Abode adds smarts to your home with voice control through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit, as well as adding pro monitoring for only $20 per month. You can customize it however you want with options ranging from smart lighting, locks, speakers, and smoke/CO detectors!