What Is The Best Home Security System With Surveillance

Vivint is doubling down on smart home security, which combines the convenience of a connected home with state-of-the-art technology to protect homes and families.

Why Vivint is our top pick

Vivint, known for its home automation technology, has announced that it is adding even more innovative security features to its services. Vivint customers can now put $0 down with consumer financing and enjoy the high-end protection on a budget!

Vivint is taking smart home security to the next level with its cutting-edge combination of AI technology and high-end equipment.

Who Vivint is best for

If you’re looking for a luxury security system that doesn’t require any maintenance, Vivint is the most luxurious of them all. With this fully automated home surveillance solution, professional installation takes place in your own house, and there’s a 24/7 monitoring service to help out if anything goes wrong. Unfortunately, it also comes with a little high price tag, but this price tag is worth it.

Vivint offers multiple ways to upgrade your system and protecting your home. You can buy security products outright or finance them over 42-60 months without committing to any contract.

Vivint’s new smarter security cameras

Vivint’s new outdoor security cam and updated video doorbell are designed to deter thieves, and other bad actors bent on things like breaking into your car or swiping a bike left on the front lawn. The two devices pick up motion, but it’s their audible whistle (or tone) called Smart Deter that sets them apart from others in its industry. Via this feature, we love how Vivint has been able to name something as simple as “lurker detection,” which is exactly what these products do—detect when someone might be lurking around either of your properties for ill-intentions!

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