How To Make A Simple Effective Cheap Home Security

Have you ever thought about improving the security of your home? If so, here is how to make a simple effective cheap home security. Let’s take a look at them:

Secure The Boundary

While spikes may be considered the perfect solution for deterring cats and foxes, they can also serve as an effective tool in keeping burglars out. Thieves look to target homes that aren’t well-secured because it is easier on their schedule but spikes don’t allow them.

Gravel Driveways

The proper way to improve your home security is by installing a gravel driveway. The crunching of each step will loudly announce an intruder’s approach, and it won’t be easy for them to break in without being heard!


The most effective way to combat burglary is by shining bright lights into your front and rear gardens. Motion-sensor light kits are competitively priced, costing less than £20 for a pair!

Install a Dummy Alarm

A dummy alarm is a great option for those who cannot afford the full price of an alarms system. They are easy to install and come with light, which makes it look authentic from outside your home! Be sure you purchase one that has sound too so nothing looks amiss when someone comes knocking at night without warning.

CCTV Camera System – Fake or Real

A CCTV system is a smart way to deter burglars. The dummy product can be placed in an excellent location for visibility, and it’s currently on sale at Amazon, which makes them even more affordable!

The Nest Cam is a security camera with 24-hour recording capabilities that store the footage online for 30 days. You can view it on their website or through the app, which also lets you live stream what it sees when there’s no power source around!

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