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Sales of Personal Safety Devices Soaring as People Stock Up for...

Sales of Personal Safety Devices Soaring as People Stock Up for Self-Defense
THE NEED FOR SELF-DEFENSE AND SELF-PROTECTION IS NOT NEW, but recent gun violence has led to a boom in sales of personal safety kits...

Gun Drop Safety: What It Means for Buyers

gun drop safety
Owning a gun is a huge responsibility. Depending on the person using them, they can be a source of danger or a tool for...

Rural King Gun Safe And Cases: A Buying Guide

Rural King Gun Safe
Rural King is a one-stop shop for home and farm merchandise. They sell everything from essential goods, food, feed, seed, and shooting needs. They...

Lead Paint Dangers And Safety Tips

Lead Paint Dangers
Lead-based paint was once a standard household product, used in everything from children's toys to house paint. It gives the paint a vivid color...

Internet Safety For Teens: Top Tools And Advice For Parents

Internet Safety For Teens
As the internet becomes increasingly integrated into our everyday lives, it's more important than ever to ensure our kids use it safely. As a...

Do You Need A Laser Security System For Your Home?

Laser Security System
As a homeowner, you want to do everything you can to keep your property and possessions safe. From locking your doors at night to...

When Did Drinking And Driving Become Illegal?

When Did Drinking And Driving Become Illegal
Did you know that drunk driving isn’t always illegal in the US? And even when the laws were created prohibiting driving and drinking, most...

5 Personal Safety Bracelet For Women

Safety Bracelet For Women
According to the National Women's Safety Council, one in four women will be a victim of a violent crime at some point in her...

Should We Raise the Legal Driving Age?

Driving Age
In the United States, the legal driving age for most states is 16. This is somewhat unusual when compared to other developed countries. In...

Community Safety Guide: Tips On How to Keep Your Home And...

Community Safety
Our nearest and most effective sources of safety and connection are our local communities and neighbors. Communities become safer and friendlier when we work...

Bike Safety For Kids

Bike Safety For Kids
Bike riding is a fun and popular activity for kids of all ages. However, ensuring your child is adequately equipped and knows how to...

Are Space Heaters Dangerous? What You Need to Know

Are Space Heaters Dangerous
Space heaters are a popular way to stay warm during cold winter months or cool autumn afternoons, but they can be dangerous. Every year,...